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Science Ecology Review Terms

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1 Science Ecology Review Terms
Goal: Review the following terms for a vocabulary assessment on Friday.

2 Ecosystem Definition: the community of organisms that live in a particular area, along with their nonliving surroundings Example: Lake in New England

3 Habitat Definition: an environment that provides the things an organism needs to live, grow, and reproduce Example: Butterfly Garden

4 Biotic Factor Definition: A living part of an organism’s habitat
Example: Turtle, plant, snail shell

5 Abiotic Factor Defintion: a nonliving part of an organism’s habitat
Example: Air,water, the sun

6 Population Kid Friendly Definition: all the members of one species in a particular area Example: Humans on a beach

7 Organism Kid Friendly Definition: A living thing Example: Cougar

8 Interdependent Kid Friendly Definition: relying or depending on each other Example: bee needs the flower for nectar and the flower needs to bee for cross pollination

9 Environmental Features
Kid Friendly Definition: Parts of an environment that help an organism survive Example: glaciers

10 Community Kid Friendly Definition: all the different populations that live together in an area Example: different organisms living in the same ecosystem

11 How do living organisms use their environment to survive?
Answer: They use the environment for food, water, and shelter. Example: giraffe drinking water

12 List 5 Environmental Features
Answer: *glaciers *Rock formations *bodies of water - salt water ocean, pond, river, etc. *rocky sea scape *sand dunes

13 How do abiotic features help support life?
Answer: Water (organisms use to drink and provide a habitat) *Sunlight (plants use for photosynthesis) *Oxygen (organisms use to breathe) *Temperature (cold blooded organisms use to heat their body) *Soil (plants use to gain nutrients)

14 How are Biotic Factors and Abiotic Factors interdependent?
Answer: water - animals drink it or live in it / animals take the water into their bodies and release it in a different location, so they help to move water         *sunlight - plants need it for photosynthesis / plants take the sun's energy and change it into a form of energy that is usable by animals         *oxygen - organisms use it to breathe / animals breathe out carbon dioxide which is a necessary ingredient for photosynthesis so the plant can make more oxygen         *soil - animals use soil for their homes / animals add nutrients to the soil and help mix the nutrients into the soil

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