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CONTENTS Science Dept Self Assessment Student Consultation The Department.

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1 CONTENTS Science Dept Self Assessment Student Consultation The Department

2 The Department – Unofficial SAR My view of the main issues for the science department: è Few administrative procedures (or even policies) in place across the department such as student consultation, lateness and homework è Little QA across the department (i.e. checking by CLs & HOD) è Little sharing of good practice across the department è Staff acceptance of average or slightly below average è Staff still adapting to courses and the lack of support from college è 2 members of staff on unreasonable timetables è Some courses lacking good student exam preparation materials

3 My Aims è Improve ALIS Improve Retention and Results * * I thought about placing Results above Retention – but the danger there is that I could end up promoting a get rid culture. Im happy with getting rid when its the best thing but not simply to improve our results.

4 Science Dept Self Assessment The following slides give an overview of the courses in the department and draft copies of the department summary and development plan.

5 Self assessment of Mark Rothery: Key points Standardised ALIS residual (n=61) for AS & A2 is +0.21 (statistically significantly +ve) GCSE (n=6), higher pass = 0%, increase 1 grade = 2/6 External lesson obs. grade = 3. Feedback basically sound but a lack of pace and challenge Student feedback was mainly positive (see later item on consultation) but highlighted points for action such as this comment; The worst things are that whenever I come to revise for a test the notes seem to be either just in picture form or bullet points. Fuller explanations need to be written down next to these






11 Sciences SAR Academic Year 2001-2002 Overall provision in this area is Satisfactory (grade 3) Strengths good pass rates in AS and GCE A Level chemistry and geology, GCE A Level physics and GCE A Level design good attitude of students towards department good effective teaching in many lessons high levels of recruitment and student progression to related HE courses Weaknesses some poor accommodation poor retention in AS biology, design and PE poor pass rates in AS level design and AS and GCE A level PE large classes of 20+ in some practical lessons poor achievement in GCSE biology


13 Student Consultation As I outlined in the memo prior to this meeting I was very aware of two things: The reliance on AJs teaching standards questionnaire in writing SARs. The lack of a clear policy on student consultation across courses within the department We need to develop a system which collects good data which can inform change

14 THE BEST & WORST THINGS ABOUT BEING TAUGHT BIOLOGY BY MR ROTHERY (A2 2002) BEST THINGS The best things about being taught Biology with Mr Rothery is that he always makes lessons fun with his humour which makes a relaxed atmosphere in the class, this makes it easier to learn and also makes me want to come to the lesson. Also he tells you where your downfalls are which makes it easier to know which things you need to go over. He is also very enthusiastic about his teaching and doesnt just sit there and make us copy notes. The revision notes (booklets) are class. Get excited to look over them (sad). He is always there to help you when you need it. Lively/entertaining teaching approach- usually holds interest for the lesson – well done! Lessons are never boring, he uses a variety of techniques such as notetaking, OHP computers, practicals, diagrams to make the lesson more interesting! He provides detailed notes and labelled diagrams which he interprets his own way (sometimes going off on a tangent) but it does simplify the complicated aspects! I enjoy and benefit more from active learning (writing notes) as all the information goes in!! (I hate listening and not writing) WORST THINGS The worst things are that whenever I come to revise for a test the notes seem to be either just in picture form or bullet points. Fuller explanations need to be written down next to these. Also I dont like it when I have to draw an eye or leg etc because I am a terrible drawer and when I look over it, it looks unrealistic and I dont know exactly where the labels are pointing to which makes me make mistakes. Practicals ALWAYS go wrong, he might as well just do one beforehand to make sure that it actually works before we waste time. Notes sometimes difficult to understand when revising topics. Sometimes in confusing order. When drawing diagrams he tends to keep adding and adding more labels and rubbing out others which makes it (sometimes) difficult to follow. The notes, although they are detailed they are sometimes a bit confusing in that they dont have a sequence to them, this makes it difficult when its time to revise. (Do love the revision notes though).



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