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The Road To War. Interactive

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1 The Road To War

2 Interactive

3 Talk about miscommunication…. August 1810 William Henry Harrison, Governor of the Indiana Territory, meets with Chief Tecumseh with 30 members of the Shawnee nation looking on.


5 Harrison’s Assistant says to Tecumseh, “Your father requests you sit by his side” What do you think Harrison’s assistant meant by this? What did Tecumseh feel it meant?


7 What Tecumseh thinks…. “ My Father! The Great Spirit is my Father!…The earth is my mother…Houses are made for white men to hold councils in. Indians hold theirs in open air.”

8 Tecumseh Wants to Push Back Settlers Remember almost one million settlers moved West of Appalachians by 1810. Many conflicts broke out between American Indians and the settlers. Treaties were made between the United States and the Indians, many times ignored.

9 Treaty of Greenville XCbr6A XCbr6A

10 Treaty Of Greenville Made in 1795 between Miamis and other Indian nations with the United States They gave up land that we call Ohio now and in return, they received $20,000 and promise of more money as long as there was peace.

11 Tecumseh’s Confederation Ohio became a state in 1803 Settlers kept moving west into Indiana Tecumseh and his brother Tenskwatawa (the Prophet) vow to keep settlers out.

12 In 1808, The Prophet builds a village for his followers along the Tippecanoe Creek in the Indiana Territory. Tecumseh organizes Indians into a confederation or league.

13 “Everywhere our people have passed away, as the snow of the mountains melts in May. We no longer rule the forest. The game has gone like our hunting grounds. Even our lands are nearly all gone. Yes, my brothers, our campfires are few. Those that still burn we must draw together. Behold what the white man has done to our people! Gone are the Pequot, the Narraganset, the Powhatan, the Tuscarora and the Coree.... We can no longer trust the white man. We gave him our tobacco and our maize. What happened? Now there is hardly land for us to grow these holy plants.

14 White men have built their castles where the Indians’ hunting grounds once were, and now they are coming into your mountain glens. Soon there will be no place for the Cherokee to hunt the deer and the bear. The tomahawk of the Shawnee is ready. Will the Cherokee raise the tomahawk? Will the Cherokee join their brothers the Shawnee?”

15 What future President was Governor of the Indiana territory? A.Andrew Jackson B.William Henry Harrison C.Abraham Lincoln D.Barack Obama

16 What Chief of the Shawnees formed a confederation of Indian Nations to fight Americans? A.Tecumseh B.Tenskwatawa C.The Prophet D.Pocohantas

17 This person was nicknamed “The Prophet” and was defeated at Prophetstown. A.Tecumseh B.Isaac Brock C.Tim Tebow D.Tenskwatawa

18 Conflicts Between Settlers and American Indians

19 Battle of Tippecanoe SNmkmQ SNmkmQ

20 Showdown at Tippecanoe In 1811, Harrison marched 1,000 soldiers against Prophetstown while Tecumseh was away. The Prophet led a surprise night attack against the troops. Both sides suffer heavy losses in this battle called “Battle of Tippecanoe.”

21 Results Harrison’s forces defeated The Prophet’s forces and destroyed Prophetstown. Fighting with American Indians hurt relations between US and Britain. British were supplying guns and ammunition to Indians and encouraging them to attack US settlements.

22 Which Indian Tribe did Tecumseh belong to? A.Shawnee B.Cherokee C.Creek D.Ramapoughs

23 SNmkmQ SNmkmQ

24 Hillsdale War Hawks call for war Madison did not want war. Members of Congress from West and South (all but New England states) called for war. Nationalism-a devotion to one’s country is what stirred the War Hawks.

25 Reasons to go to war United States could seize Florida from British ally Spain Britain arming American Indians Britain seizing American ships Canada

26 Congress Declares War British warships blockade American ports to stop trade with France. June, 1812 Madison asks Congress to declare war.

27 War of 1812 Britain was already in bitter fight with Napoleon At the same time US was unprepared for war.

28 Who downsized the Army and Navy? A.John Adams B.Thomas Jefferson C.James Madison D.John Snodgrass

29 Problems US had The United States Navy had only 16 ships. The British had a huge fleet. The United States Army was small and ill equipped. Many officers knew little about warfare. The government relied on volunteers, who were poorly trained and had little experience in battle. Many deserted.

30 USS Constitution In August 1812, USS Constitution, Old Ironsides, wins a battle with HMS Guerriere off the coast of Newfoundland

31 -1812-old-ironsides#.UYnKWpWZ4wM -1812-old-ironsides#.UYnKWpWZ4wM


33 The real name of “Old Ironsides” was? A.HMS Declaration B.USS Constitution C.USS Intrepid D.USS Independence

34 War in the West War Hawks wanted to conquer Canada General William Hull moved American troops from Detroit into Canada. Canada had only a few troops led by British General Isaac Brock

35 How Does Brock Win? He parades his soldiers in red coats..Why? He also leads Americans to believe a large number of Indians were fighting.

36 Who were the War Hawks? A.New England farmers B.Congressmen fron the South and West C.Congressmen from New England D.Followers of Schmidt and Walden

37 Battle of Lake Erie 1813, Captain Oliver Hazard Perry built own ships and sailed his tiny fleet against the British After losing his own ship, he moves to another ship and Americans win battle. “We have met the enemy and they are ours.”

38 Battle of Lake Erie

39 1E

40 Who made his own ships and won the Battle of Lake Erie? A.Admiral Bulldog Bower B.Andrew Jackson C.Captain Oliver Hazzard Perry D.Francis Scott Key

41 Tecumseh is Killed The British and their ally Tecumseh retreat from Detroit into Canada. General William Henry Harrison pursued them. Tecumseh died in the Battle of the Thames. Indian Confederation falls apart.

42 Battle of Lundy Lane or Battle of Niagra Falls.

43 Battle of Niagara Falls or Battle of Lundy’s Lane

44 Another Future President Gets Involved Andrew Jackson leads American troops in the Creek War. With the help of the Cherokees, Jackson wins a victory at Battle of Horseshoe Bend. “Your people have destroyed my nation”

45 FoE

46 What is this a picture of?

47 What was Andrew Jackson’s nickname? A.Young Peanut B.Old Hickory C.The Prophet D.Old Ironsides


49 British Burn Washington August 1814 British came in from the Chesapeake Bay They marched to capital Dolley Madison gathered up papers and Washington’s portrait before leaving White House

50 ghent/videos#dolley-madison-saves- washingtons-portrait ghent/videos#dolley-madison-saves- washingtons-portrait

51 Auntie Em, It’s a twister!! MzRm0

52 Who was James Madison’s First Lady who saved the White House portrait of George Washington? A.Hillary B.Rita C.Martha D.Dolley

53 -1812-our-flag-still- there#.UYnL_JWZ4wM -1812-our-flag-still- there#.UYnL_JWZ4wM

54 Fort McHenry From Washington, British march north toward Baltimore. Fort McHenry key to Baltimore defense September 13-14, 1814, British bombard harbor Francis Scott Key watched and wrote Star Spangled Banner

55 Who wrote the Star Spangled Banner? A.Francis Scott Key B.Waldo Cannotbefound C.John Quincy Adams D.Oliver Hazzard Perry

56 Battle of New Orleans -1812-our-flag-still- there#.UYnL_JWZ4wM -1812-our-flag-still- there#.UYnL_JWZ4wM

57 Battle of New Orleans Britain prepared to attack New Orleans in late 1814. They hoped to sail up Mississippi Andrew Jackson waiting Jackson had help from Choctaw Indians, and citizens of New Orleans including hundreds of African Americans

58 When did the Battle of New Orleans take place? A.After treaty ending the war was signed. B.After Andrew Ewing got help from the Creek Indians C.After Spain gave us Florida D.All of the Above

59 We win Battle after War is over American soldiers dug trenches. On January 8, 1815, Britain attacked. More than 2,000 British soldiers died. Only seven Americans died. Andrew Jackson becomes hero

60 The United States and Great Britain signed a treaty two weeks before the Battle of New Orleans, ending the war.

61 Battle of New Orleans z0

62 New Englanders Protest War The British blockade hurt New England’s sea trade. New Englanders feared that the United States might win land in Florida and Canada, which would become new states. That would make the South and the West more influential than New England.

63 Who won the Battle of New Orleans? A.Andrew Jackson B.William Henry Harrison C.Oliver Hazzard Perry D.General Joseph Snodgrass III

64 Delegates from New England states met at the Hartford Convention. They threatened to leave the Union if the war continued. While the Hartford Convention was still meeting, news of a peace treaty arrived.

65 The Hartford Convention took place in A.Connecticut B.Washington, DC C.Prophetstown D.Massachusetts

66 New England states threatened to A.Secede from the Union B.Blockade the ports C.Become War Hawks D.Trade with Great Britain

67 TREATY OF GHENT The Treaty of Ghent ended the War of 1812. It was named after the city in Belgium where it was signed. In the treaty, Britain and the United States agreed to go back to the way things were before the war.

68 Treaty of Ghent

69 kjhMu0 kjhMu0

70 War of 1812 was a result of American conflicts with A.French and British B.British and Native Americans C.French and Spanish D.British and Spanish

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