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Approaches to Ancient History General Introduction TB1, 2005-6.

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1 Approaches to Ancient History General Introduction TB1, 2005-6

2 Approaches to Ancient History Theory of history ; Theory in history Not learning facts, but investigating how historians create facts. Not interpreting evidence, but thinking about how historians go about this. Not taking historical practice for granted, but examining it critically.

3 Approaches to Ancient History Learning Outcomes Familiarity with key issues in theory and philosophy of history and the use of theory in ancient history Experience in application of different theories to study of particular topics Ability to use knowledge to construct coherent, relevant and persuasive arguments Experience in developing skills in written and oral communication in a range of formats

4 Approaches to Ancient History Credit, attendance, preparation Further information: Contact

5 Approaches to Ancient History Assessment: the Portfolio A range of material focusing on a particular topic in ancient history and the theoretical approaches that could be used to study it No fixed length, no limit on number of exercises Minimum five exercises: research outline, book review, theory discussion, theoretical evaluation and reflective journal The point is to show how your ideas develop; it doesn t all have to be perfect.

6 Approaches to Ancient History First key task: research outline Identify topic – something already familiar? Identify the key issues and debates List the key bibliography, with comments Note the major sources of evidence No class on Thursday: work on this!

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