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BUMPS meeting 15-16 March, 2012.

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1 BUMPS meeting 15-16 March, 2012

2 Fire exits … Introductions.

3 Introduction Apologies:
BP - Olav Barkved, Tron Kristiansen, Allan Mathieson, Rob Bissell Maersk – Jeremy Henderson, Adrian Merry MSI – Mike Thornton Pinnacle – Henry Bland

4 Bristol Geophysics Group
This talk is about the Bristol Seismology group which forms part of CETSEI research group within the department of Earth Sciences.

5 Bristol Geophysics - people
Prof. Michael Kendall - Applied and global seismology Prof. George Helffrich - Global seismology Dr. Heidy Mader - Geophysical fluid dynamics Dr. Matt Watson - Remote sensing, GIS Dr. Fiona Witaker - Carbonates, reactive transport modelling. Dr. Jeremy Phillips – Fluid dynamics of volcanological processes Dr. Jo Gottsmann (Royal Society Fellow) - Microgravity, GPS, volcanology Dr. Alison Rust (Royal Society Fellow) – Physical volcanology Dr. James Wookey (European Research Chair) - Global and applied seismology Dr. Juliet Biggs (ESA fellow) - InSAR, geodesy Dr. Nick Teanby (STFC Advanced Fellow) – Planetary sciences; remote sensing

6 Bristol Seismology- people
Dr. Alan Baird (Industry) – applied seismology Dr. Ian Bastow (Leverhulme) - global seismology Dr. Anna Stork (NERC) – applied seismology Dr. Andrew Walker (ERC) – mineral physics Dr. Anna Horleston (ERC) - seismology technician Dr. James Verdon (NERC) - CO2 sequestration (InSalah and Weyburn) Dr. Andrew Nowacki (ERC) - Lower mantle anisotropy Jenny di Leo (EU) - Imaging the distribution of fluids and of the deformation above the active Indonesian subduction zone Jack Walpole (ERC) – Imaging the lowermost mantle Phil Usher (Industry) – microseismic monitoring David Schlaphorst (BGS) – Building and arc: The Antilles subduction zone Jack Dobinson (NERC) – Planet formation Jenny Taylor (NERC) – Martian seismology Pablo Palacios (Ecuadorian gov) – Volcano monitoring

7 Recent PhDs James Verdon – geomechanics and microseismicity of CO2 sequestration Glenn Jones – Ekofisk reservoir microseismicity Othman Al-Hassasi – Oman microseismiciy Andy Nowacki – Lowermantle anisotropy David Thompson – Architecture of Hudson Bay Ricardo Ramalho – Cape Verde islands

8 Bristol Geophysics - some recent grants
Kendall and Verdon, Still or sparkling: Microseismic monitoring of CO2 injection at In Salah - NERC partnership grant with BP, £300k Kendall and Verdon - Passive seismic monitoring of CO2 injection: Weyburn phase II - Petroleum Research Technology Council Canada, $300k (co-PIs White, Geological Survey of Canada) Kendall and Hammond,  Danakil potash project – Seismic monitoring, BHP, ~85k  Kendall, Integration of advanced geomechanical-seismic modelling for improved lifecycle performance of tight gas sand reservoirs, Industry Technology Facilitator (ITF), £590,000 (PI - Cain, Rockfield: Fisher, Leeds) Elliott, Analysis of trace metals and stable and radiogenic metal isotopes in hydrocarbons and source rocks, Shell, £178k Witaker, Integrated reaction transport modelling of dolomite evolution, Industry Technology Facilitator (ITF), £464k Whitaker, Controls on carbonate connectivity, ExxonMobil, £185k Whitaker, CARB consortium, ExxonMobil, Chevron, ConocoPhilips, ~£200k Sparks and Cashman, Volcanology Chair, AXA Research Fund, €618k Sparks, Blundy and Rust, Understanding porphyry Cu deposits, BHP, £1.8M.

9 Some recent papers Verdon, J. P., J-M. Kendall, D. J. White and D. A. Angus, Linking microseismic event observations with geomechanical models to minimise the risks of storing CO2 in geological formations, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 305, , doi: /j.epsl , 2011. Verdon, J. P. and J-M. Kendall, Detection of multiple fracture sets in oil reservoirs using seismic anisotropy imaged by microearthquakes, Geophys. Prosp., 59, , doi: /j x, 2011. Wuestefeld, A., J-M. Kendall, J. P. Verdon and A. van As, Temporal variations in seismic anisotropy and fracture characteristics: Observations from the mining industry, in press Geophys. J. Int., 2011. Kendall, M., S. Maxwell, G. Foulger, L. Eisner and Z. Lawrence, Microseismicity: Beyond dots in a box – Introduction, Geophysics, 76, WC1-WC3, 2011.

10 Some recent papers Wuestefeld. A., J. P. Verdon, J-M. Kendall, J. Rutledge, H. Clarke and J. Wookey, Inferring rock fracture evolution during reservoir stimulation from seismic anisotropy, Geophysics, 76, WC157-WC166, 2011. Al-Harrasi, O. H., J-M. Kendall and M. Chapman, Fracture characterisation using frequency-dependent shear-wave anisotropy analysis of microseismic data, Geophys. J. Int., 85, 1059–1070, doi: /j X x, 2011. White, D. J., M. Meadows, S. Cole, A. Ramirez, Y. Hao, S. Carle, A. Duxbury, C. Samson, J-M. Kendall, J.P. Verdon, B. Dietker, T. Urbancic, J. Johnson and I. Morozov, Geophysical monitoring of the Weyburn CO2 flood: Results during 10 years of injection, Energy Procedia, 4, , doi: /j.egypro , 2011. Angus, D. A., J. P. Verdon, Q. J. Fisher, J-M. Kendall, J. M. Segura, T. G. Kristiansen, A. J. L. Crook, S. Skachov, J. Yu and M. Dutko, Integrated fluid-flow, geomechanic and seismic modeling for reservoir characterization, Can Soc. Explor. Geophys. - Recorder, 26-35, May, 2011.

11 Dinner – Albion Pub, Clifton, BS8 4AA
Earth Sciences Wills Memorial Bldg

12 Proposed Work Packages
Event location and characterisation Seismic anisotropy and attenuation Exploiting the wider wavetrain - linked modelling Geomechanics CO2 capture and storage Geothermal

13 Event location and characterisation
Improved locations: Multiplets, JHD, and clusters (de Meersman et al. 2009; Jones PhD 2011). Effects of velocity model, anisotropy Array design Focal mechanisms and moment tensor solutions - invert for the stress field. Non-double-couple solutions - fluid effects.

14 Yibal: 43 fault plane solutions Compaction?
Al-Anboori and Kendall, 2010 Yibal: 43 fault plane solutions Compaction?

15 Seismic anisotropy Automated processing of large datasets (near real-time). Temporal variations in anisotropy. Frequency dependent effects - techniques and interpretation: poroelasticity vs. scattering Shear-wave splitting tomography. Fracture parameter inversion Bn/Bt inversion

16 Temporal Variations Time (hours)

17 BUMPS Workflow event location shear-wave splitting interpretation
tt-picks particle motion locate events shear-wave splitting analysis frequency dependent anisotropy fracture inversion event location shear-wave splitting synthesis geomechanical model integration with other data interpretation

18 Seismic attenuation Q estimates; spatial and temporal variations during fracking. Q anisotropy - relative variations in attenuation (e.g., Carter and Kendall, 2005).

19 Exploiting the wider wavetrain
Better exploiting the coda; converted waves; reflections. Waveform modelling Finite frequency modelling - 1-way wave equation (e.g., Angus et al). More efficient ray tracing (e.g., Chambers and Kendall, 2008). Full waveform modelling

20 Geomechanics Linked geomechanical, fluid-flow and seismic modelling (IPEGG) Applications to tight gas (GESER); CCS; Temporal and spatial variations in anisotropy Effects of faults or pre-existing planes of weakness Applications to volcano monitoring Full field simulation and predictions of seismic attributes (Valhall)

21 CO2 capture and storage Continued work on Weyburn (funding renewed).
Work on In Salah (Krechba) with BP (new NERC funding). Links between microseismicity, geomechanics, and ground deformation (InSAR) (e.g., Verdon et al. 2011; Angus et al., 2011). Risk analysis - BRISK.

22 Geothermal Pilot project with sites in Ethiopia (Alutu and Corbetti volcanoes). Capacity building for developing country. Good scientific links already. Instruments from UK pool. Links between seismicity, SWS, InSAR anomalies and MT (Zurich).

23 Datasets Single well passive seismic monitoring Valhall; Ekofisk;
Frack monitoring Chinook Ridge; Cotton Valley; Peace River; Field X; Creelman (Canada); Field Y CO2 Aneth Oil Field, Utah; Field X; Weyburn; In Salah Multiple wells Oman; North Parkes, Australia; Cotton Valley, USA Larger scale datasets Ontake volcano, Japan; Italy datasets; Alutu and Corbetti volcanoes, Ethiopia.

24 Deliverables The primary deliverable for this project is knowledge transfer of research findings, guidelines and algorithms for the best exploitation of microseismic data. This will come in the following forms: A password-protected website for the consortium ( Regular sponsors meetings (every 12 months). Presentations and talks Progress reports Comprehensive final report

25 Next meeting ?

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