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Systems Developments Finance Services Rachael Fleetwood 13 th October 2011.

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1 Systems Developments Finance Services Rachael Fleetwood 13 th October 2011

2 Systems Developments 1.Overview 2.Financial Reporting 3.Proactis 4.BACS 5.Online Shop 6.ORCA 7.SAM (Student Accounting Module)

3 Overview Historic position 2 distinct teams – Proactis and Coda Very little development on CODA Poor service? Reliance on local systems New team – following implementation of SPR Keen to move things forward Recognise role of systems in future strategy

4 Financial Systems – Future Position

5 Financial Reporting (SAP Business Objects)

6 Overview to date Reporting Tool – SAP Business Objects Licences Previously: Restricted to 140 users Now: Site licence now implemented Now: Security matrix currently being implemented Research grant reports Produced and circulated since May 2011 Paper format Feedback

7 New reports – 17 th October 2011 School/Division Core funded income and expenditure Indirect Income Available to Heads & Managers Contain Summary position Drill down facility to further detail As a monthly statement or as at yesterday Prior years available

8 Reports 1.HF Account Current Position 2.HF Account Statement 3.HF Account Spend Chart 4.Indirect Income Current Position 5.Indirect Income Statement Access to the reports will be from the Finance Services Website:

9 Training & Guidance Overview Presentations Hands on Training Systems Access How to read & understand the Financial Reports Guidance Notes for each report Frequently Asked Questions

10 Training Dates – 1.5 hrs Thursday 13 th October – 2pm Friday 21 st October – 10am Wednesday 26 th October – 2pm Tuesday 1 st November – 10am Wednesday 9 th November – 2pm Thursday 17 th November – 2pm Friday 25 th November – 10am Email

11 Planned Future Developments Implementation of site licence This will enable access to a much greater number of users Implement security model This will enable accounts to be viewable by specific individuals HT/HR reports available Roll out of further core funded accounts for Residences and Facilities Research reports available online Available to the PI and Nominated Budget Holder HF accounts for Budget Holders and much more.......................

12 Proactis

13 Sales Invoicing for foreign currency & customers Purchasing Cards/Travel and Subsistence cards Improve other functionality E.g.Return requisition items to buyer Reworking troubleshoots – dealt with via batch Training/Compliance Best Practice Group


15 Currently still pay most suppliers via cheque Raise approximately 75,000 cheques p.a. Implement BACS First payment due Jan 2012 Suppliers – need to quote POs Not Requisition Numbers as creating more work for Faculty teams

16 Online Shop

17 Now live Set up product on test environment first Dummy credit card details to go shopping! Use for high volume, low value transactions Saves raising sales invoices Use for fieldtrips, short courses, conferences & events etc

18 Next steps Promote and use shop further Other modules Donations Conference & events Graduations? Internal marketplace Asset register? Research councils


20 Listening to feedback: Reviewing quantity of emails sent to HoS Reviewing reporting to improve Management Information from ORCA Improving functionality for Faculty Teams and for colleagues within RED

21 SAM (Student Accounting Module)

22 SAM SITS improvement Limited visibility of breakdown of student debt Enhance student experience – E-vision /Student info Reconciliation easier Can also incorporate other debts e.g. Library fines

23 Feedback Any queries or comments, please contact: Rachael Fleetwood - Finance Systems Team – Or contact your Faculty Team Faculty Financial Controller Deputy Faculty Financial Controller

24 Any questions?

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