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PARIP Provocation What do WE know? How do we KNOW ?

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1 PARIP Provocation What do WE know? How do we KNOW ?

2 Subject/Object u For at least a century in Western thought, philosophers (of science, mind etc) have recognised the imbrication of subjectivity within notionally objective projects u But a shift from positivism to reflexivity has made little impact on research, even in Performance

3 Arts Research u Some arts research more or less fits the traditional mould, but practice as research and practice-based research typically do not. u My contention is that, if we are serious about these modes, we need as a community to promote a shift in the academy concerning knowledge

4 New Paradigms: Action Research u Action Research offers one model for the reflective practitioner u the traditional theory-practice hierarchy is subverted u work begins with the experience of process and moves outwards rather than applying a grand narrative from without

5 Performance Research u Recently, performers have drawn upon their own processes of making and doing as a mode of research u But, in advocating practice as research, we must avoid simply reifying experience, the body or subjective consciousness

6 Thinking u In What is called Thinking?, Heidegger famously suggested that thinking is... something like building a cabinet u It is a thinking of the embodied mind a mind in the body and the body in the mind

7 Reflexive Praxis u Practice as research involves thinking in doing as in building a cabinet u Practice-based research involves reflection upon the making-showing- reception processes of performance u The second should not be a meta- commentary on the first, but a dialogic subject-object interaction

8 PARIP Provocation u What do WE know? u How do we KNOW ? As a community of performance researchers, we can make a distinctive contribution to knowledge about knowledge... but u we still have work to do for it to be recognised in the academy

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