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The London Safeguarding Children Boards Procedure for Safeguarding Children Abused Through Sexual Exploitation Procedure 5.40 Three categories of risk:

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1 The London Safeguarding Children Boards Procedure for Safeguarding Children Abused Through Sexual Exploitation Procedure 5.40 Three categories of risk: 1 - At Risk 2 - Medium Risk 3 - High Risk Multi-Agency Planning (MAP) approach: Police; Childrens Services; Education; Health; Community and Voluntary Services.

2 Safeguarding Sexually Exploited Children Procedure Identify YP at risk using indicators and vulnerability factors Bring case to attention of CSE lead in borough Hold Multi-Agency Planning meeting with all relevant professionals invited (including specialist service).1) Share information regarding indicators and vulnerability factors; 2) decide level of risk (low/ med/ high), 3) create safeguarding plan. Put safeguarding plan into action. Specialist service works with YP at med/ high level of risk Key importance that info continues to be shared as appropriate At least every 3 months MAP meeting is held and risks and plan are reviewed

3 Management Information Snapshot taken in June 2011 as part of Bedfordshire University research project At that time, a total of 18 YP people were being planned for under CSE protocol All 18 were female All 18 were understood to be heterosexual 8 were in care; 10 were with their birth families Of the total 18, 6 had learning difficulties

4 Management Information EthnicityAge

5 Management Information Who initiated SE

6 Management Information Methods of coercion used 6 cases involved grooming by older boyfriends 1 case involved grooming by a peer boyfriend 1 case involved pressure from an exploited peer 1 case involved grooming by a network of peers 1 case involved gang-related activity 2 cases involved social network sites

7 Workflow development CPO and SW meet to discuss referral; CPO completes electronic referral form CPO sends outcome to SW, which triggers them to arrange the MAP meeting Lists of upcoming meetings that can be generated for quality assurance purposes Electronic case record for the MAP meeting sent to SW for completion SW must complete a written report as part of the electronic case record SW sends completed report to CPO electronically prior to the conference MAP meeting After MAP meeting, CPO completes doc in electronic case record with decision, recommendations., and date for next meeting If outcome for CATSE plan, trigger sent to SW to arrange next MAP meeting If outcome for diversion plan, or for CATSE plan to cease, workflow ended

8 Workflow development Referral form

9 Workflow development Referral outcome

10 Workflow development Social work report

11 Workflow development Chairs report

12 Workflow development MAP meeting outcomes

13 Case example # 1: Alana Presenting issues Looked after child, regular absconder Peer boyfriend initiated Alana into gang-related exploitation Out of school Criminal activity Moved from foster family to residential care setting Ambivalent towards gang: feels sense of belonging, but is also fearful Has expressed suicidal and self-harming ideations Has contracted sexual transmitted infections

14 Case example # 1: Alana Work done Saw a psychotherapist for a year, but disengaged Support from Barnardos, although Alana disengaged in July Poetry found to be a way for Alana to express her emotions Outcomes Continues to abscond, but now stays in contact with keyworker Plans for supported move to semi independent accommodation Actively sought pregnancy, now pregnant with twins Assaulted by the father of the children, and refused to make allegation to police

15 Case example # 2: Leyla Presenting issues Regular absconder Excessive use of mobile phone Victim of sexual assault and sexual exploitation by peers Coerced by female peers into sexual exploitation Sexual assault filmed and distributed through social media Has moved school, but has shown interested in boys there and displayed low-level sexualised behaviour

16 Case example # 2: Leyla Work done Positive engagement with Barnardos Leyla agreed to meet with childrens social care and the police to pursue a complaint against the young people who assualted her Police investigation undertaken, but resulted in no further action Outcomes Awarded a certificate of achievement at school Leyla reported no more bullying on the way home from school Parents supportive of work with childrens social care and Barnardos Moved to a new school: a fresh start Leyla arrives home from school on time Mother actively engaged with the school

17 Case example # 3: Richard Presenting issues Poor school attendance Bullying at school Contacting other males on social networking sites and meeting with them, including partner Anthony (peer) Absconded on several occasions, for long periods On more than one occasion Richard and Anthony have met with an older male who has paid for a hotel room Has disclosed an assault by this older male on one occasion

18 Case example # 3: Richard Work done Richard has reported assault by older male to the police CCTV footage has been obtained from hotel to determine who paid for the room ABE interview planned Two local authorities (Camden and Anthonys LA) collaborating and creatively with Barnardos to engage both boys together around healthy relationships and staying safe Continued CAMHS work Outcomes Work is currently underway

19 Case example # 4: Kathy Presenting issues Low self-esteem Poor school attendance Engaged in sex with an older young person she met on the internet Disclosed to social worker that sex was not consensual, but does not wish to inform her parents or the police Dresses in clothing felt to be provocative Mother reports that Kathy regularly asks for, and steals, money; indicates that could be vulnerable to exploitation for money Little understanding of choices around sexual relationships

20 Case example # 4: Kathy Work done Family group conference process currently underway; objective is to ensure Kathy feels secure Engagement with a counsellor Outcomes In December 2010 Kathy informed social worker that she is not sexually active with her new boyfriend, having asking him to wait until she is ready; he agreed

21 Model of Support: The 4 As Access: provide services in a safe, attractive environment; support young people on their own terms; build trust. Attention: give young people time and positive attention, focusing on what matters to them. Assertive Outreach: make consistent and persistent efforts to contact the young person through a range of methods. Advocacy: support young people to get the provision they need from multi-agency protocols.

22 What do we offer? Independent from statutory sector: Advocacy Confidential Specialist knowledge YP directed Confidential Non investigative Can manage relationships around the child Not making statutory decisions Safe/ homely space

23 What do we offer? Flexibility: Forming a relationship Outreach Working with chaos Holistic approach Pacing of work and style of work YP doesnt need to acknowledge SE Persistence Being able to provide food, treats, etc.

24 What do we offer? Partnership Working: Information sharing with networks Using protocols and regular SE review meetings Knowledge of links between YP in and across boroughs SH nurse and police officer to access in safe space Using relationship and safe space to introduce new professionals Early intervention work in form of MissPer service

25 Outcomes Increased ability to identify abusive/exploitative behaviour Increased ability to describe safety strategies Reduction in the level of risk/harm Increased knowledge of positive sexual health strategies Also, Increased ability to express feelings rather than act them out Reduced consumption of controlled substances Reduced association with risky adults/ peers Increased awareness of own rights Increased access to support services/ education Reduced missing episodes

26 What works well? Multi-agency input sustained over long periods of time Consistent, independent chairing of reviewing and planning meetings Consistent inter-agency working relationships

27 What are the challenges? Engaging YP and developing their understanding of sexual exploitation Working in partnership with the police Cases crossing local authority and police borders Long term nature of work Developing professional understanding that YP cannot give consent, and of issues around shame and blame

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