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Pan-London Culture & Faith Pilot Project - Brent Community Partnership Initiative A community-led approach to engaging minority ethnic communities in child.

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1 Pan-London Culture & Faith Pilot Project - Brent Community Partnership Initiative A community-led approach to engaging minority ethnic communities in child protection

2 Aims and Objectives To enhance links across the diverse communities in Brent in order to increase understanding of safeguarding (LSCB Business Plan 2011) Community engagement project set up Community reference group established To ensure that the voice of our communities is heard by strategic and policy decision makers (VCF Community Engagement Model) Consultation; questionnaire, seminar – to identify child protection/safeguarding needs Creation of community-led advisory group; terms of reference, membership structure – to support LSCB aims/objectives, and to progress identified needs

3 Phase I - Consultation Consultation Questionnaire (online/printed); distributed to community groups Consultation Seminar with safeguarding professionals and community groups Report findings and analysis to community groups and partner agencies

4 Consultation Questionnaire Distributed to known VCS groups 15 Mar 11 (deadline 31 Mar 11) Email with printed version attached and link to online survey (SurveyMonkey) VCF direct action with community groups through outreach activities, due to low response to questionnaire Briefings to Brent Multi Faith Forum (March/June), Focus session with community groups in Brent (Sep) and BME User Consultancy Group (Sep)

5 Consultation Seminar Multi-agency seminar; Wednesday 20 October (Willesden Green Library Centre) – details posted on LSCB website / VCF email distribution to VCS groups Pre-Seminar Communications Email distribution to voluntary sector; project introduction and advance notice of seminar Email distribution to voluntary/community groups – seminar programme

6 Identified community groups in Brent (Consultation Outreach/Seminar) African Womens Care | Al Fajr Muslim Girls Workshop | Black Womens Mental Health Project | Brent Indian Association | Ethiopian Refugee Association | Greater London Somali Community | HIV/Aids Association of Zambia | Islamic Information Centre | The African Child | Community Health Action Trust (CHAT) | Chalkhill Youth and Community Centre | Dudden Hill Community Centre | Kingshall Youth & Community Centre | St Raphaels Youth & Community Resource Centre | Abbey Community Centre | Brent Indian Association | The Millennium Day Centres | Harlesden Ummah Community Centre | The Willow Childrens Centre | London Tamil Centre | Church End and Roundwood Unity Centre | Copland School | Afro- Caribbean Peoples Organisation (ACPO) | An-Nisa Society

7 Identified voluntary groups in Brent (Consultation Seminar) List of groups on BrAVA website, Brent-funded service providers plus Mencap |Solace Womens Aid | SHOC | Addaction |The Place 2Be | Resources for Autism | EACH | Teens & Toddlers | Brent Centre for Young People | Brent Community Services | Brent CAB | Meanwhile Family Therapy

8 Phase I: Outputs Presentation / Project Briefing to Brent LSCB (Dec 10) Consultation Questionnaire to Funded and other community groups (Mar 11) Briefing to Brent Multi Faith Forum (Mar/Jun 11) Pan London Culture & Faith Interim Report (Mar 11) Safeguarding Children Conference (May 11) Focus groups with BME community in Brent (Sep 11) Multi-agency Seminar (Oct 11)

9 Phase I: Issues Delayed start to project (within Pan London Culture and Faith project timelines) which has been extended to Dec 11 Consultation seminar delayed due to poor response to consultation questionnaires and lack of local CVS distribution (VCF sought volunteer assistance to compile email addresses for distribution to local groups) Decision (May 2011); direct action required by VCF to consult more widely with community groups through its outreach programme Funding not sufficient for dedicated resource; led to competing priorities for VCF staff

10 Phase II – Community-led group Create community-led group; determine terms of reference, membership structure, identified needs for action planning Initial community-led group meeting with interested parties; comprising community and voluntary groups, and statutory partners – selection of chair and deputy to represent group at relevant LSCB sub-group meetings

11 Outcomes & Opportunities Brent pilot forms part of wider LSCB strategy to engage minority ethnic communities (*) Brent is one of two pilot boroughs working with VCF to pioneer its community engagement model Brent project has highlighted need for mapping / commissioning of groups delivering services within the community Brent project has identified lessons for the future delivery of community engagement; understanding key structures within local authorities, more focused outreach activities at initial stages (*) LSCB Strategy for engaging minority ethnic (often socially excluded) communities, groups and families incorporates VCF Community Engagement Model

12 Learning for Brent Adapting the core model to suit Brent LSCB The community is diverse and moves at own pace Trickle effect of sharing information vs. comprehensive launch Explore what community engagement initiatives are already in place – may be more than you think!

13 Learning from VCF: the model In-depth outreach required for cooperation between statutory partners and the community Budget should provide for a dedicated resource, to avoid competing priorities To develop and implement the model requires full support of the LSCB and close working relationship with LSCB Business Manager A mechanism to recruit lay members The model allows us to identify community groups delivering services to children and young people, and to address their needs around safeguarding (legal framework)

14 Phase III – Communication Strategy Out of scope for the Pan London Culture and Faith project Communication strategy between LSCB and community- led reference group Mapping of voluntary/community groups as service providers VCF handover to reference group and/or dedicated resource Actual and wider virtual groups to take work forward, steered by the LSCB business plan Input into LSCB Task and Finish subgroups, as appropriate

15 Contacts Brent LSCB Sue Matthews 020 8937 4299 VCF – Victoria Climbié Foundation Stephanie Yorath 020 8619 1191

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