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Amendment process.

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1 Amendment process

2 What is an Amendment? Amend is to change the Constitution
Process begins with a proposal 2 ways: - 2/3 of house of Congress can vote to propose - Or 2/3 of states can request special conventions to propose amendment

3 Next Step Must be ratified
¾ of states must vote for the amendment before it becomes part of the Constitution Only 27 Amendments since the Constitution was created 200 years ago 10 in the first year

4 Bill of Rights James Madison wrote it
Believed they were natural or basic rights of the people People already have these rights Government may not take them away

5 What are some of the Bill of Rights?
1st - Freedom of Religion, Speech, Press, Assembly, and Petition 2nd - Right to Bear Arms 3rd - Lodging Troops in Private Homes 4th - Search and Seizure 5th - Rights of the Accused 6th - Right to Speedy Trial 7th - Jury Trial in Civil Cases 8th - Bail and Punishment 9th - Powers Reserved to the People 10th - Powers Reserved to the States

6 Other Important Amendments
deal with the rights of slaves 13th - ended slavery 14th - guaranteed slaves citizenship and constitutional rights 15th - gave African Americans the right to vote

7 Other Important Amendments
19th - gave women the right to vote 18th & 21st - deal with prohibition 26th - set age of voting to 18

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