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US Constitution Study Packet

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1 US Constitution Study Packet

2 The Preamble The first three words of the Preamble are:
We the People . . . 6 reason for the establishment of the Constitution are: To form a more perfect Union Establish justice Insure domestic tranquility Provide for the common defense Promote the General Welfare Secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and out posterity

3 Article I Deals with the Legislative Branch
Congress is made up of the: House of Representative Senate Must be 25 to be elected to the House of Representatives. Must have been a citizen for 7 years if not born in the US Term of Office for the House of Representatives = 2 years. Vacancy’s filled through a special election

4 Article I (cont.) There are 2 senators elected from each state – (total of 100) Term of office for the Senate = 6 years Must be at least 30 years old and/or a US citizen for at least 9 years. The Vice President is responsible for presiding over the Senate. Only allowed to vote when there is a tie.

5 Article I (pg. 3) The Senate tries cases of impeachment
Chief Justice of Supreme Court presides over trial 2/3 vote needed to convict. Congressmen are immune to arrest while Congress is in session except under the following circumstances: Treason Major crimes Breaking the peace Must meet at least once in every year

6 Article I (slide 4) House of Representatives and Senate can expel a member with a 2/3 vote Bills of Revenue must originate from the House of Representatives. A President may refuse to sign a Bill for 10 days (excluding Sunday’s) before it becomes law If 2/3 of vote of each house needed to override presidential veto

7 Article I (come on – another one)
Powers Granted to Congress Raise and spend Revenue Borrow $ by issuing bonds Regulate commerce Establish rule for becoming citizen Pass bankruptcy laws Issue currency Punish counterfeiters Establish and run the Post Office Pass Copyright and patent laws Establish a Federal Court system Protect American ships form piracy Declare War Raise and support an Army Provide for and maintain Navy Pass rules for military discipline Create the National Guard (militia) Govern behavior of the National Guard Make Laws for Washington DC

8 Article I (last slide I promise)
Elastic Clause – “To make all laws which shall be necessary and proper “ Congress does not have the power of: Extend Slave trade beyond 1808 Suspend Habeus Corpus (except in times of war) No Bills of Attainder or ex post facto Tax goods on exports Pass laws favoring 1 state over another Withdraw $ from Treasury without prior permission Bestowing Titles of Nobility No State may enter into a treaty or alliance with another country

9 Article II Deals with the Executive Branch
President Presidential term of office = 4 years Elected by the Electoral College Must have been born in the United States Vice President takes over office of President upon: Death of President Resignation of President Removal of President by impeachment President becoming unable to perform duties of Office Oath of Office Execute the office of the President Preserve, Protect, Defend the Constitution

10 Article II (cont.) Commander in Chief of:
Army Navy Air Force Marines National Guard (militia) Under Extraordinary circumstances, President may call for a meeting of Congress President or VP may be impeached for: Treason Bribery Other High Crimes or Misdemeanors

11 Article III Deals with the Judicial Branch
Chief Justice is the head of the Judicial Department May serve for life (or until they choose to retire) Their salaries may not be cut while they are in office Only trials of impeachment are not tried with a jury. There must be at least 2 witnesses to convict someone of treason

12 Article IV New states cannot be created within the boundaries of existing states or between 2 adjacent states without the permission of Congress and the state. Congress has powers over new lands or territories. Every state must have a Republican form of government.

13 Article V Article VI Article VII
Congress needs 2/3 vote in both houses to propose and Amendment ¾ of the states must pass the Amendment for it to become law. (38 states) Article VI Any treaties are also considered to be the law of the land. The Constitution and any treaties always override state laws No religious test can be given to qualify someone to hold a public office. Article VII 9 of the 13 states needed to ratify the Constitution to make it legal 39 of the 55 delegates to the Philadelphia Convention signed the Constitution

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