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What term refers to the plan for rebuilding the South after the Civil War?

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1 What term refers to the plan for rebuilding the South after the Civil War?

2 Reconstruction

3 Whose plan for Reconstruction said state governments must be disbanded, states must write new constitutions, states had to ratify the 14th Amendment and allow African Americans to vote?

4 Radical Republicans

5 Who was the first president to be impeached?

6 Andrew Johnson

7 What amendment freed the slaves?

8 13th Amendment

9 What was the name given to laws designed to limit the rights of blacks? The laws were passed immediately after the war.

10 Black codes

11 What was the political party of the conservative group in the South that didn’t want the South to change from how it was before the war?

12 Democrats

13 Voters had to pay a fee in order to vote.

14 Poll tax

15 What was the name given to the government organization designed to help former slaves?

16 Freedman’s Bureau

17 What group’s goal was to break the power of rich southern planters?

18 Radical Republicans

19 What was it called when former slaves worked land and in return had to pay off a part of their crop and the cost of rent / seed in return? Most never made enough to pay off their debts.

20 sharecropping

21 People could vote if they could read and explain a section of the Constitution.

22 Literacy test

23 Group who used violence to harass freedmen.

24 Ku Klux Klan (KKK)

25 What happened virtually every time Andrew Johnson vetoed a bill passed by Congress?

26 Congress overrode the veto

27 What was the name given to southern Republicans who cooperated with Reconstruction?

28 Scalawags

29 Who proposed the 10% Plan of Reconstruction?

30 Abraham Lincoln

31 What amendment gave African Americans the right to vote?

32 15th Amendment

33 Name given to former slaves.

34 freedmen

35 What plan of reconstruction said that a person could not participate in government if they volunteered for the Confederate army?

36 Wade –Davis Bill

37 What term means the legal separation of the races?

38 segregation

39 A person could vote if their father or grandfather had voted.

40 Grandfather clause

41 Whose plan of reconstruction said that a majority of people had to pledge loyalty to the United States and states had to ratify the 13 th Amendment?

42 Andrew Johnson

43 Was Andrew Johnson removed from office when he was impeached?

44 No

45 Thaddeus Stevens and Charles Sumner belonged to which political group.

46 Radical Republicans

47 Northerners who came to the South during Reconstruction for their own personal benefit?

48 carpetbaggers

49 What amendment made former slaves citizens?

50 14th Amendment

51 What laws kept African Americans from gaining political and economic power immediately after the war was over?

52 Black codes

53 Laws which segregated blacks and whites.

54 Jim Crow Laws

55 Supreme Court case which made segregation legal if facilities were equal.

56 Plessy v. Ferguson (1896)

57 Who assassinated Abraham Lincoln?

58 John Wilkes Booth

59 Sharecropping was very similar to what?

60 slavery

61 In what year was Abraham Lincoln assassinated?

62 1865

63 Where was Abraham Lincoln assassinated?

64 Ford’s Theater

65 Who was afraid of competition from freedmen?

66 Poor in the South and factory workers in the North

67 In 1866 Congress passed the Civil Rights Act granting citizenship to African Americans. What amendment did this create?

68 14th Amendment

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