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John Sheridan 2 March 2011 Linked Government Data.

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2 John Sheridan 2 March 2011 Linked Government Data

3 With linked data, when you have some of it, you can find other, related, data. Tim Berners-Lee, Linked Data Design Issues

4 Henry Maudslay (1771–1831) He also developed the first industrially practical screw-cutting lathe in 1800, allowing standardisation of screw thread sizes for the first time. This allowed the concept of interchangeability (a idea that was already taking hold) to be practically applied to nuts and bolts. Before this, all nuts and bolts had to be made as matching pairs only. This meant that when machines were disassembled, careful account had to be kept of the matching nuts and bolts ready for when reassembly took place.

5 Five stars *make your stuff available on the Web (whatever format) under an open licence **make it available as structured data (e.g., Excel instead of image scan of a table) ***use non-proprietary formats (e.g., CSV instead of Excel) ****use URIs to identify things, so that people can point at your stuff *****link your data to other data to provide context 5

6 Three projects o Supporting the transparency agenda with Linked Data o First step towards a Linked Data Statute Book o Semantic Knowledge Base for the Web Archive 6

7 The Government believes that we need to throw open the doors of public bodies, to enable the public to hold politicians and public bodies to account. The Coalition Agreement.

8 We will ensure that all data published by public bodies is published in an open and standardised format, so that it can be used easily and with minimal cost by third parties. The Coalition Agreement.

9 We are: developing standards for responsible publishing of key types of data (financial data, organisation data, aggregate statistics, location data) developing guidance, practices and tools that make it easy to publish data in Linked Data form, at low cost making it easy for people to consume data in a programmatic way (the Linked Data API as well as native Linked Data techniques such as the provision of SPARQL Endpoints)


11 200820092010 A1,3451,4562,301 B2,1123,5432,111 C2,3452,9872,455 D6,3426,2566,123 E7,4357,4328,102 TransactionDateSupplierAmount A-126309/09/2010Spottiswoode & Co£ 2,345 A-126409/09/2010JSB & Sons£ 2,111 A-126509/09/2010BLG Ltd£ 2,455 A-126609/09/2010Spottiswoode & Co£ 6,123 A-126709/09/2010BLG Ltd£ 8,102 Director General Director (Operations) Director (Strategy) Deputy Director (A)

12 Standards Re-use where we can, create where we must Small, high level, light weight vocabularies o Examples include datacube, organization, provenance Create local specialisations o Examples include payments, central-government Post hoc linking 12

13 DATA 13



16 Gridworks (Google Refine) 16

17 Gridworks: map and export Linked Data 17


19 19

20 Linked Data API Open Standard Generic approach for creating APIs from Linked Data Sits on top of a Linked Data store Several implementations, most mature is Puelia Examples for education and transport Also, organisations, payments information 20

21 21

22 22

23 UNAMBIGUOUS DEFINITIONS And wouldnt it be cool if we had…



26 26

27 Legislation as data Three considerations for legislation as data o Typographic layout o Versioning / changes over time o Semantics Semantic representation using RDF and Linked Data o URIs for things o RDF data model o subject - property - object Requires granular URIs to name things o Identifier o Document o Representation 27

28 A changes B when C says so 28

29 A changes B when C says so 29

30 A changes B when C says so 30 Academies Act 2010 Section 19 (2) Academies Act 2010 Section 12 (4) SI 2010/1937 Schedule 3 Charities Act 1993 Schedule 2 (ca) Secretary of State Confers power Makes Commences Inserts text into

31 Legislation URIs Identifier o{type}/{year}/{number}/section/{number} o eg Document o{type}/{year}/{number}/section/{number} o eg Representations o /data.xml o /data.xht o /data.pdf o /data.rdf o and for any list, /data.feed 31

32 Legislation URIs, time and extents Identifier o{type}/{year}/{number}/section/{number} eg Document versions o In force eg o Prospective eg o Point in time eg o Extents eg eg 32

33 33

34 34

35 Web Archive - Semantic Knowledge Base The National Archives operates the UK Government Website Archive Second most used web archive in the world Links to withdrawn documents are maintained – preserving wide variety of information, from datasets to documents and press releases Web archives are notoriously difficult to search using standard search technology – size, number of duplicates Procured SKB, competitive process Solution being delivered by a consortium (technologies from Ontotext, University of Sheffield) 35

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