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Discovery Archives Discovery Forum Guy Grannum 21 March 2012.

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1 Discovery Archives Discovery Forum Guy Grannum 21 March 2012

2 What is Discovery?

3 Why? 3 c11 million records c9 million records c200K records c10 million records TNA records

4 Challenges Volume of Catalogue and digitised data Increasing 11 Million Catalogue Entries = 500,000,000 facts (about 45 facts per entry) Another 9 Million documents in Documents Online (digitised content) Plus other sources Ever increasing digitisation of our collection Increasing prevalence of born-digital records Currently hold 1TB of born digital records; estimate total will be13.5TB by 2016 Specific large collections like Olympics 2012, estimate at 20TB on it's own Volume and location of Users Hard to count users online For every physical record produced here in TNA in 2009-10 (c 600,000) over 220 digital records were downloaded Users online from all around the world

5 Goal Simple - focus on the users and on the Record o Help the users to find relevant records o Help the users to understand the records o Help the users obtain records Principles o Be comprehensive – one stop shop o Coherent and Consistent – Structure that brings economy of scale and flexibility o Describe collection in ways that users understand – Different users (or groups of users) have different ways of thinking about our collection and we need to support them all 5

6 What have we done? – Beta on Labs March 2011 6

7 Simple search 7

8 Search results 8

9 Taxonomy 9

10 Simple view 10

11 Advanced search options 11

12 Browse 12

13 Details page 13

14 User tags … 14

15 All tags page 15

16 Registration and sign-in 16

17 ... and an API 17

18 No big bang! Discovery is still being developed 18 User feedback User testing Staff feedback E-mail Testing and trialling

19 Whats next …? Discovery isnt finished – we do regular updates and plan to keep iteratively adding new features. Planning for the closure of DocumentsOnline and the Catalogue E-commerce system to buy copies More advance search features Refinements to the user interface Refinements to user account page Improvements to browse Review other datasets and registration systems to add to Discovery Digital Records Infrastructure 19

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