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Federated Search evaluation & implementation. Outline Drivers Methodology Outcome.

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1 Federated Search evaluation & implementation

2 Outline Drivers Methodology Outcome

3 Drivers Customer pressure Expiry of TD-Net contract Staff pressure Peer pressure Frustration with bidding process

4 Put another way … The average library decision about implementing new technologies takes longer than the average life cycle for new technologies. K. G. Schneider. e_user_is_not_broken_a_meme.php e_user_is_not_broken_a_meme.php

5 Methodology

6 Evidence gathering Literature search What do our users want Students / Researchers / Academic staff Library staff / Trainers Best of breed

7 What we asked in an ideal world, how would you find information for your studies?

8 Who we asked Research focus group Postgraduate focus group Academic staff focus group Informal interviews with students

9 What we gave them …

10 They said … We want

11 Search individual databases & groups Simple & advanced search options Clear easy-to-use interface De-duplication Filtering of results Rank by relevancy Refworks compatible Searchable by journal title Spellchecker and/or synonyms

12 Shortlist 360 Search WebFeat MetaLib TDNet

13 Evaluation Trial User testing on campus User testing off campus Feedback / Web Monkey Amazon voucher

14 Overall rankings 1 st 2 nd 3 rd 4 th WebFeat28211715

15 WebFeat responses YesNo Was it easy to use719 Did you find the interface clear & simple 719 Could you search how you wanted to6415 Did it give a fast enough response6614 Did it produce relevant results6614 Was it useful6614 Did you find full text articles6317 Did you have any problems1367

16 What users said … WebFeat was my definite favourite. It was excellent.... please, please get this one. I loved WebFeat WebFeat was by far the best … … so user friendly … … really easy to use …

17 Decision time User feedback Costs

18 Key features 1 Users choose what they want to search Quick Search boxes Topic Clustering Spell check function - just like Google Related terms Export to RefWorks

19 Key features 2 Find it! Proxy – single sign on (sort of) Users can link directly to the native database from Find it! if you prefer. True native results - presents full text results within their native interfaces. All native functions are fully functional.

20 Questions?

21 Demo Admin page

22 Further information Malcolm Emmett

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