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Doing Literature Searches. Journal Rankings ons/ESA%20Rankings%20of%20EconomicsJourna.

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1 Doing Literature Searches

2 Journal Rankings ons/ESA%20Rankings%20of%20EconomicsJourna ls%2020081.pdf ons/ESA%20Rankings%20of%20EconomicsJourna ls%2020081.pdf /1000257 Kalaitzidakis, P., Mamuneas,. T. and Stengos, T. (2012). An updated ranking of academic journals in economics, The Rimini Centre for Economic Analysis, WP 10-15.

3 Google Scholar

4 ISI Web of Knowledge Go to Library Databases W Web of knowledge Select a data base Journal citation reports JCR Social sciences/view of group of journals

5 Economics Rank by eigenfactor score Look up journal of public economics

6 Back to menu Web of science Do a key word search say venture capital innovation Click on chosen papers Click on blue cross + Go to marked list Click on abstract Click on typewriter under step 3

7 Block copy and save In word At leisure look at papers which seem interesting. Lets follow one up: Title: The Role of Venture Capital Syndication in Value Creation for Entrepreneurial Firms Author(s): Tian, X (Tian, Xuan) Source: REVIEW OF FINANCE Volume: 16 Issue: 1 Pages: 245- 283 DOI: 10.1093/rof/rfr019 Published: JAN 2012

8 JEL A lot of people also search the JEL data base I do not, once I have learned one way I tend to stick with it. But it might be worth finding out about it.

9 Now go back to library and to journals Go to e-journals Review of finance Tian Full text Download pdf A bit of a literature review in introduction. You should read this to inform yourself on the literature, not to plagiarise but to tell you what they think is important and why.

10 3 journals which specialise in surveys Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) and Journal of Economic Perspectives (top quality) Journal of Economic Surveys (OK quality) Economic journal (top quality) often publishes symposiums which can be excellent Lets do the JEL Click on it in library

11 Search venture capital

12 Go to google scholar These tended to be ordered in terms of the number of citations. Hence most cited first, but tend to be quite old. Can order them by year. Can also follow up on the citing articles.

13 New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics Online MDUtgp/UNIV-BATH/7330543/9 MDUtgp/UNIV-BATH/7330543/9 Do a search on venture capital

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