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Teamwork and Leadership Skills

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1 Teamwork and Leadership Skills
Chapter 16 Teamwork and Leadership Skills

2 What is Teamwork? Teamwork: working with others to achieve a common goal. What are some examples of teamwork? School groups Athletic teams Clubs Work

3 Benefits of Teamwork Efficiency Combined Strengths Mutual Support
Job Satisfaction Personal Development Improved Relationships

4 Characteristics of Team Players
COOPERATION Cooperative team members coordinate their efforts. They are willing to do what needs to be done to complete a task and take responsibility for team results.

5 How Teamwork Works Teams work together for a common purpose.
Teams work best when they.. Divide tasks Make Group Decisions Majority Rule Compromise Consensus Building

6 Making Group Decisions
Consensus: agreement by the entire group. Avoid groupthink. Groupthink: a faulty decision making process caused by a strong desire for group agreement. Take on roles

7 Effective Leadership Leadership: provides the direction and motivation that helps a team or group achieve their goals. Role model: a person who sets an example for others.

8 Leadership Skills Communicating Clearly Motivating Others Managing
Delegating Making Decisions Solving Problems

9 Leadership Skills Ethical leadership: leadership based on moral principles. Leadership style: a leader’s pattern of behavior when directing a team.

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