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3 Celebrating Holidays

4 US Festivals and Holidays
Holidays, festivals, annual events, and their related traditions represent the cultural, historical and religious backgrounds of people. Some of our holiday customs were brought here from other countries. Other holidays and festivals are related to the history and the culture that developed in the United States itself

5 New Year’s Eve & Day December 31st & January 1st
On New Year's Eve, people around the world begin participating in a variety of events to prepare for the new year.

6 Valentine’s Day February 14th
People of celebrate Valentine’s Day to express love for their friends and family. People exchange cards, hearts are a popular symbol, and they say “ I love you”.

7 President’s Day 3rd Monday of February
America celebrate this day to honor George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, two important presidents in our country’s history.

8 St. Patrick’s Day March 17th
This holiday is celebrated to honor a saint named Patrick, who was known for being a Christian priest. Shamrocks and leprechauns are symbols for this day.

9 Easter Easter is always the first Sunday in April following the full moon. On Easter morning, the Easter Bunny comes to people’s houses and brings candy and toys.

10 Earth Day April 22nd Earth Day is a special day during which people think of all of the different ways that they can help the Earth.

11 Memorial Day Last Monday in May
A day to remember those who died in service of their country.

12 Independence Day July 4th Happy Birthday, America!
On July 4th, 1776, America claimed its independence from Britain.

13 Labor Day Ist Monday in Sept. Holiday honoring workers
The observance includes parades and speeches reviewing labor’s contributions to society.

14 Halloween October 31st A fun-filled holiday where you can dress up in any costume you want from a ghost to a butterfly. Kids Trick-or-Treat by going door to door asking for candy.

15 Veteran’s Day November 11th
A day set aside to honor all people, living and dead who served in the armed forces.

16 Thanksgiving 4th Thursday of November
The pilgrims came over to America from Britain to gain religious freedom. This holiday allows us to give thanks for all the blessings we have.

17 Christmas December 25th A time which has been set aside for giving or exchanging gifts with family and friends to show them you care. Some symbols of this holiday are Christmas trees, Santa Claus, and jingle bells.

18 Other Holidays Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (January 15th)
Groundhog Day (February 2nd) International Women’s Day (March 8th)‏

19 Other Holidays April Fool’s Day (Ist April)‏ Mothers day
(2nd Sun. of May) Flag Day (14th June)‏ Fathers Day (3rd Sun. of June)‏

Thanks for watching! The End! HAVE A NICE DAY FRIENDS

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