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Funding Excellence in Research Mark Walport 2 December 2010.

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1 Funding Excellence in Research Mark Walport 2 December 2010

2 curiosity vs important questions

3 centuries-old diseases: malaria tuberculosis new and emerging threats: HIV avian influenza rise in chronic non-communicable disease: coronary heart disease diabetes obesity mental health reproductive, maternal & sexual health nutrition Important questions…

4 Wellcome Trust Five major challenges… maximising the health benefits of genetics and genomics investigating development, ageing & chronic disease understanding the brain combating infectious diseases connecting environment, nutrition and health

5 tax payer philanthropy industry Excellence in research Who should pay?

6 people career structure freedom of movement mentorship environments places infrastructure regulation Excellence in research How should it be supported?

7 Senior Investigator awards New Investigator awards People Wellcome Trust framework…

8 People - new in 2010: Wellcome Trust Investigators Key features… awarded on scientific vision & track record research question drives duration triage and interview for individuals that have university/institute tenure identifiable Wellcome community and alumni

9 university vs institute vs industry Environment

10 World class infrastructure

11 drivers to optimize academia & industry links develop innovative public private partnerships provide fiscal incentives: encouraging exploitation encouraging collaboration immigration: freedom of movement ensure regulation is facilitative and proportional: national and international regulation streamlined approval processes animals in research consent for consent health and safety Regulatory environment

12 new expectations fund a varied portfolio: best ideas best people infrastructure/resources translation fund in partnership: universities government industries charities/foundations The world post spending review

13 build on excellence catalysis and leverage institutional strategies greater collaboration: academic industry NHS translation health economic policy Making the whole greater than the sum of parts

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