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Introducing an Ethical Grid Kris Stutchbury

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1 Introducing an Ethical Grid Kris Stutchbury
An Approach to Ethics Introducing an Ethical Grid Kris Stutchbury

2 Activity Read the account of a science teacher’s MEd project
Identify the main ethical issues How did you approach the issue?

3 What does the literature say?
Ethics can be a difficult issue Ethical issues will emerge over time Lists of principles and guidelines are not enough BUT………. Lack of coherence How can you be sure you have thought of everything? Institutional requirements can be onerous

4 Seedhouse’s Ethical Grid
Provides a way of thinking about a situation that is structured, coherent and recoverable. Based on Moral Theory Consists of layers Designed to be used in Healthcare – but has potential as a tool to be used beyond that.

5 External Considerations
Consequential Layer Duties + Motives Individuals

6 An alternative view of the grid…………….
Core Rationale Deontological layer Consequential layer External Considerations

7 External Considerations
Codes of practice Risks The law Use of resources Effectiveness and efficiency of action The degree of certainty of the evidence on which action is taken

8 Consequentialist Layer
Consequences of the research for: oneself the individual a particular group of individuals society

9 Duties + Motives (Intentions)
Tell the truth Minimise harm Keep promises Do most positive good

10 Concern for Individuals
Respect the needs of individuals Respect Autonomy Respect persons equally Create autonomy? The Ethic of Trust?

11 Flinders Utilitarian Relational Ecological informed consent
Deontological Relational Ecological Recruitment informed consent reciprocity collaboration cultural sensitivity Fieldwork avoidance of harm avoidance of wrong avoidance of imposition avoidance of detachment Reporting confidentiality fairness confirmation responsive communication

12 A quote from Seedhouse……
‘The Ethical Grid is a tool, and nothing more than that. Like a hammer or screwdriver used competently, it can make certain tasks easier, but it cannot direct the tasks, nor can it help decide which tasks are the most important. The Grid can enhance deliberation- it can throw light into unseen corners and can suggest new avenues of thought – but it is not a substitute for personal judgement’ (p209)

13 Advantages Provides structure and coherence in a field in which it is lacking Based on Moral theory Can be used over time at different points in the research Seems to embrace many of the ideas described elsewhere

14 Reference Stutchbury, Kris and Fox, Alison(2009) 'Ethics in educational research: introducing a methodological tool for effective ethical analysis', Cambridge Journal of Education, 39: 4, 489 — 504

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