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Diplomas: Impact and Development Heather McClue

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1 Diplomas: Impact and Development Heather McClue

2 Allocation Creative and Media (10 places) Society, Health and Development (10 places) Migration of Applied Subjects: - Business (Business Administration and Finance) - ICT (Information Technology) - Leisure and Tourism

3 14 – 19 Team 11 – 16 14 – 19 PCE Issues so far: Implications for 11 – 16 Implications for current 14 – 19 provision What will the programme look like? Functional skills? PLTs? Placements Synergy across 11 – 19 provision

4 14 – 19 Development Group Working party feeds into Partnership Steering Committee Steering Committee members: -UoB staff -Secondary school staff -FE Colleges (Barnfield/ Bedford) -LA reps (Beds, Luton, MK) -LSC reps -BEP (Business & Enterprise Partnership) -Employers

5 Tracking Developments Matrix of local providers: -Authorities -Diploma offerings -When? -What level? UoB staff attached to each line in the development group UoB trainees research diploma developments in partner schools (Applied subjects only)

6 Components of the 14 – 19 course Double badging QTS/ QTLS Placements – consortium approach (3 placements school, college and employer) Partnership with diploma champion in local school CPD

7 Developing the trainee Photography trainee (Creative and Media): 1.What will constitute subject knowledge? 2.What will a C&M trainee look like? What qualifications will they join the course with? 3.Employability: how will their training prepare them? 4.How will we support second subject knowledge acquisition Concerns: PLTs Functional skills Conflict between compliance and course requirements (QTS v Ofsted )

8 Summary Huge implications for 11 – 19 provision: PGCE Secondary review Programme redesign Revising partnership Collective vision

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