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UCET Annual Conference Tuesday 10 th November 2009 Jenny Carpenter & Madelaine Lockwood.

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1 UCET Annual Conference Tuesday 10 th November 2009 Jenny Carpenter & Madelaine Lockwood

2 Key themes Collaboration Reflective practice Change and change management

3 Outcomes for this session Know the context for the research Critique a supporting tool to help student reflection Share ways in which your institution supports the student learning experience

4 Introduction Does student-instigated dialogue promote a deeper level of reflection in post-lesson discussions?

5 Methodology Small sample of current students, self-selected Seminars and tutor-supported workshops with mentors and students Discussions with students and mentors to be recorded after lesson observations Students to analyse their use of questions Students to compare their questioning over the placement and refer to Blooms taxonomy, Kolbs learning theory

6 Problems Student confidence Mentor involvement Over-ambitious and others...

7 Findings An over-loaded curriculum School placement documentation focused on administration for schools Lack of understanding and information of the expectations of where students are in learning to become teachers Based on two students and four in-depth interviews after placement

8 Implications Reviewing the taught professional modules Documentation to support students

9 Developing and supporting PGCE student awareness of learning to become a teacher The Continuum of Student Experience

10 What is your initial reaction?

11 Collaborative activity What are the positive ways in which the tool might be used in the following contexts? Group 1: Placement in school with mentors Group 2: In university taught sessions/modules Group 3: In individual tutorials (Academic Tutor)

12 Collaborative activity If you were to adopt this tool in your institution, what part of your practice would need to change?

13 Feedback Two groups of YSJ students were asked about the Continuum in their first Academic Tutor meeting: 1. Some students did not recall having seen the Continuum. 2.Some students did recall having seen the Continuum but were unsure of its purpose.

14 Feedback 3. Students did recall the Continuum and found it reassuring and supportive in identifying a personal baseline position. 4.From this initial discussion student response suggests a lack of clarity around the meaning of the strand statements. 5.Psychology students initially commented that the strands carried little meaning as they were grounded in experience.

15 Our initial response Areas for development: QTS Standards Evidence Introduction to and direction in using the tool Academic Tutor meetings Delivery and structure of the programme Adult learning School Experience documentation

16 Our initial response Implications: The role of the tutor Student coaching Documentation review Programme re-structuring Capacity building

17 Professional modules Delivery of the professional modules has been re-structured: Key note lecture Tutor led workshop Tutor-facilitated enquiry-based learning Student led seminars Supported open learning

18 References Calderhead, J (1987). The Quality of Student Teachers Professional Learning. European Journal of Teacher Education 10 (3) p269-78. Cited in Furlong, J & Maynard, T (1995). Mentoring Student Teachers. London: Routledge Hobson, A J & Malderez, A (Eds) (2005). Becoming a Teacher: Student teachers motives and preconceptions and early school-based experiences during ITT. Research Report 673. Available at: Lofthouse, R & Wright, D (2007). A New Model of Observing Students Teach: an opportunity for practitioner enquiry. Paper presented at 3 rd Annual ESCalate ITE Conference 2007. St Martins College, Lancaster Pollard, A (2008). Reflective Teaching: Evidence-informed professional practice. (3 rd Ed). London: Continuum

19 Contacts Jenny Carpenter T: 01904 876325 E: Madelaine Lockwood T: 01904 876446 E:

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