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Commonly Abused Drugs.

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1 Commonly Abused Drugs

2 1.Depressants- slow down the activity of the
brain and CNS -alcohol - #1 mood altering drug in the U.S. -barbiturates – usually prescribed as sleep aid -tranquilizers – valium and Librium -calms emotions without severely decreasing alertness

3 2. Narcotics- strong pain killers, sometimes classified
with depressants; derived from the juice of the opium poppy flower Opium – drug in its pure form is illegal Morphine – legal as a pain killer, illegal otherwise Codeine – prescription pain reliever Heroin – opium in its pure form -20 times more powerful than morphine -illegal in U.S. - extremely addictive

4 3. Stimulants- speed up the body processes
create a feeling of pleasure Nicotine – drug in tobacco - very addictive and poisonous

5 Caffeine- may be the #1 addicted to drug in
U.S. -found in coffee, tea, soda, chocolate -can result in nervousness and insomnia

6 Amphetamines- synthetic drugs, “uppers”,
“speed”, “crank”, “ice” -abuse results in nervousness, insomnia, aggressiveness, loss of appetite, and emotional problems

7 Cocaine- from the leaves of the coca plant
-medically used as a local anesthetic -abuse results in; increased heart rate, increased BP, weight loss, sleeplessness, hallucinations and paranoia, and death from seizures and respiratory failure

8 Crack- extremely addictive form of cocaine
-more addictive because of the way it is processed and it is smoked

9 4. Hallucinogens- cause hallucinations and
intense mood swings LSD- acid -”flashbacks” can occur months or even years after last dose

10 PCP- angel dust -impairs thought and speech -people on PCP can generate extreme strength, because the drug blocks pain receptors

11 5. Other Dangerous Drugs Marijuana and Hashish -derived from the hemp plant, THC is the mind altering drug -contains same carcinogens as tobacco plus 150 other chemicals -gateway drug

12 6. Inhalants (huffing) -household compounds, glues, aerosols, solvents, etc -impairs mental processes and kills brain cells

13 7. Anabolic Steroids -synthetic testosterone -kidney and liver damage -violence -heart disease and stroke

14 8. Designer Drugs -ecstasy and other home made drugs.

15 Drug List for Research Project
Marijuana - Cocaine Heroin LSD Amphetamine Methamphetamine Ecstasy THC Rohypnol GHB PCP Codeine Nitrous Oxide Morphine Opium Oxycontin Crack Cocaine Barbiturates Narcotics Inhalants Depressants Stimulants Hallucinogens Anabolic Steroids

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