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And the e-book:

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1 And the e-book:

2 My MathLab Online homework and tutoring Personalised study plans Free response multi-step problems Over 1.4 m students

3 My MathLab "Instructors using MyMathLab in redesigned environments experience higher retention rates, higher subsequent success rates, and increased achievement among previously underserved students. These are changes that matter--specifically for students in remedial and prerequisite mathematics courses." - from Making the Grade: A Report on the Success of MyMathLab in Higher Education Math Instruction (Version 2, 2007)

4 MyMathLab drives improvements in student performance and retention Georgia State 52% 46% 71% 28% PassingFail/Withdrawal University of Alabama 51% 43% 65% 24% PassingFail/Withdrawal University of Wisconsin Stout 28% 11% Fail/Withdrawal Traditional Course MML Course College Algebra Beginning Algebra Traditional Course MML Course Traditional Course MML Course

5 Institutional Cost Savings Traditional vs. MML Source: Joe Benson, University of Alabama $295,000 $154,000 University of Alabama: Course Math 110 1,480 students

6 Queen Mary University


8 Convenience is Important too

9 EdJob Kid Pic

10 Pearson Logo

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