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Metric System Measurement and SI.

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1 Metric System Measurement and SI

2 Bell Work 8/17/09 Please answer the following questions in the Bell Work section of your science journal What instrument is used to measure length? Why do you think it is important to know how to measure length?

3 Metric System Referred to as the international system of units or SI
Based on the number 10 Measuring system used by all scientists Used to measure length, volume, mass, weight, density, and temperature

4 Length Used to measure from one point to another
Instrument used to measure length is the metric ruler Basic unit of length is the meter kilometer- km hectometer- hm decameter- dam meter-m decimeter- dm centimeter- cm millimeter – mm In space, distance is measured in light years A light year is the distance light travels in a year

5 Bell Work 8/18/09 What is the metric system used to measure?
What is the metric system referred to as? What is the basic unit for length? In space, what is distance measured in?

6 Homework 8/18/09 Practice measuring the following items at your house. Remember to use centimeters as your unit. The width of your front door The height of a glass or cup One item of your choice For each write down the item and the measurement for the item

7 Bell Work 8/19/09 Using a ruler and centimeters (cm) measure the length of the lines on the piece of paper at your table. Please share with your partner and don’t write on the paper. Example: 6.3 cm Length of line 1: Length of line 2: Length of line 3: Length of line 4:

8 Volume Volume is the amount of space an object takes up
Volume can be measured for liquids and solids. Liquids Basic unit of liquid volume is the liter (L) kiloliter – kL hectoliter – hL dekaliter – daL liter – L deciliter – dL centiliter – cL millimeter – mL The instrument used to measure liquid volume is the graduated cylinder Meniscus – Measure to this line.

9 Volume (cont.) Solids Basic unit of solid volume is cubic meters (m^3)
cubic kilometer- km^3 cubic hectometer- hm^3 cubic decameter- dam^3 cubic meter-m^3 cubic decimeter- dm^3 cubic centimeter- cm^3 cubic millimeter – mm^3

10 Volume (cont.) To calculate the volume of a solid
length x width x height l x w x h Instrument used to measure solid volume is the metric ruler Solid Volume can also be measured by water displacement using a graduated cylinder Record the volume of water in the cylinder Place the object in the cylinder and record the new volume Measurement 2 – measurement 1 = volume of the object

11 Bell Work 8/20/09 What is volume?
What is the basic unit for liquid volume? What is the basic unit for solid volume? How do you calculate the volume of a solid?

12 Bell Work 8/20/09 1. What is the volume of a solid with these measurements? Length 3 cm width 2 cm height 4 cm 2. How do you find the volume of an irregular solid?

13 Mass Mass is the amount of matter in an object.
Basic unit of mass is a gram (g) Large objects are measured in kilograms (kg) Small objects are measured in grams (g) or milligrams (mg) kilogram – kg hectogram – hg dekagram – dag gram – g decigram – dg centigram – cg milligram – mg Most often used are the kg, g, and the mg Instrument used to measure mass is the triple beam balance

14 Density Shows a relationship between mass and volume
To calculate density we divide mass by volume d=m/v Units for density depend on size of object Large objects = kg/L Small objects = g/mL

15 Bell Work 8/24/09 What is mass? What instrument is used to find mass?
What is density? What is the formula used for density?

16 Bell Work 8/25/09 What units are most often used for mass?
What units are used for density?

17 Temperature Measured in degrees Celsius Freezing = 0 degrees Celsius
Boiling = 100 degrees Celsius

18 Bell Work 8/26/09 What instrument is used to measure temperature?
What is the freezing point in degrees Celsius? What is the boiling point in degrees Celsius?

19 Bell Work 8/27/09 How many centimeters are in 1 meter?
How many milliliters are in 1 liter? How many centigrams are in 1 gram?

20 Weight Weight is the measure of attraction between objects due to gravity. Basic unit of weight is the Newton (N)

21 Tools for Measuring A metric ruler is used to find length
A graduated cylinder is used to fine the volume of a liquid or an irregular solid A metric ruler is used to find the volume of a rectangular object A triple beam balance is used to find the mass of an object

22 Bell Work 8/28/09 1000 g = ______ kg 200 mL = ______ L
1 m = ______ Dkm 77 g = ______ mg

23 Bell Work 8/28/09 25 kg = ______ mg 345 cL = ______ HL
980 m = ______ mm 23700 g = ______ kg

24 Bell Work 9/1/09 98 Hg = ______ mg 222 KL = ______ L
2706 mm = ______ Dkm 5 g = ______ kg

25 Bell Work 09/09/09 What is the base unit for the following? Length
Volume Mass

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