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2 I. SQ3R (text book) Question (usually less than 30 sec)
Survey (1 minute) Question (usually less than 30 sec) Read (depends on your rate) Recite/Write (about a minute) Review (about 5 minutes)

3 Survey to establish purpose & to get main ideas
* Titles * Pictures * Introductions & Conclusions * Bold or Italicized print * Questions * First & Last sentence of paragraph * Footnotes

4 Question *Writing down questions (IN YOUR OWN WORDS) keeps you alert & focused *Turn title, headings, and subheadings into questions *Use the 5W’s and the H (who, what, where, when, why, and how)

5 Read *One section at a time
*Actively look for answers to your questions *Pay attention to BOLD and Italicized text *Read all tables, graphs, charts, and illustrations

6 Recite/Write *In your own words, recite or write the main idea (major point) of each section *Answer the questions (in your own words) you made up for Q *Answer the questions (in your own words) from the book *Write down Key Phrases

7 Review *Using the Q section, cover up the answers & answer the questions *Cover Key Phrases (Recite/Write) and define them *Do 24 hours after taking notes then each night until test *At chapter’s end, answer chapter questions

8 II. THIEVES (and handout)
Title Heading: (turn into questions) Introduction (chapter focus) Every first sentence of each paragraph Visuals & Vocabulary (list & define) End-of-Chapter questions Summary

9 III. BIG FOX (handout) Bold: List any words or phrases
Italics: List words or phrases Graphics: Describe photos,maps,charts,etc. Facts: List at least 5 Opinions: List any found in article X Marks the Spot: Write main idea in 2-3 sentences

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