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List as many school rules as you can think of

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1 List as many school rules as you can think of
Warm Up List as many school rules as you can think of

2 Categorize rules according to seriousness

3 Chapter 16 Section 1

4 Types of Crime Crime -any act that breaks the law
Criminal - a person who commits any type of crime.

5 Types of Crime FBI has identified 29 different types of crimes.
Serious crimes are called felonies (Murder, kidnapping) Less serious offences are called misdemeanors (traffic violations, disturbing the peace)

6 Looking at our school rules, which would our categorize as felonies, which are misdemeanors?

7 Types of Crime Five Main Categories of Crime Crimes Against Persons
Crimes Against Property Victimless Crimes White Collar Crimes Organized Crimes

8 Crimes Against Persons
Include force or threat of force Any act that harm a person, end a person’s life, or threaten to end a life Most serious is: Homicide – murder Most common is: Aggravated assault- any type of physical injury that is done intentionally to another person Other Examples Hate Crimes - violent crimes committed against people because of prejudice Rape- sexual violation of a person by force and against that person will

9 Crimes Against Property
Most common type of crime in the U.S. Stealing or destroying someone else's property Burglary- forcible or illegal entry into someone’s home with intention to steal. Larceny – theft of property without use of force or violence against another person. Robbery involves both property and people. Taking something by threatening to hurt a person Vandalism- willful destruction of property. Arson- destruction of property by setting fire to it.

10 Victimless Crimes Criminal does not violate another persons rights
Examples: Illegal drug use, gambling, prostitution

11 If victimless crimes do not violate another person rights Why are they crimes?

12 White Collar Crimes Nonviolent crimes
Embezzlement –theft of money that has been entrusted to an individuals care. Fraud- cheating someone out of money or property Other Examples: Hacking, Identity Theft, Copyright Violations

13 Organized Crimes Groups that specialize in providing illegal goods or services. Operate in gambling, drug trafficking, prostitution, lending money at extremely high interest rates. Often run illegal businesses to serve as fronts, or covers for operations.

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