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The European Union “United in Diversity”

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1 The European Union “United in Diversity”

2 What is the EU? A unique political and economic community made up of more than 25 member nations. Confederation Individual countries control their own laws European Union makes decisions only on issues that affect the entire group. Founded to encourage trade in Europe The EU is “a family of democratic European countries, committed to working together for peace and prosperity.”

3 What is the EU? The EU has its own:
Currency Trade policy Government Economic system Agricultural & environmental policies Member nations work closely together on policies that affect the entire community, while maintaining their individual governments. Similar to how the United States has a federal government and individual states.

4 Member Nations Austria Belgium Bulgaria Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark
Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxemburg Malta Netherlands Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden United Kingdom.


6 Why was the EU formed? The EU’s history lies in the aftermath of WWII.
Developed to foster integration within Europe and avoid extreme forms of nationalism. Unite France and Germany economically and politically to ensure peace. . . Not really on friendly terms after WWII. Focus was to prevent the killing and destruction witnessed during WWII from ever happening again.

7 What is the purpose of the EU?
Create a peaceful, stable environment between European countries. Strong relationships between member nations Wealthier countries have shared their wealth with poorer countries Promote free trade among members leading to one common market Removed all tariffs – has improved trade and standard of living Workers are allowed to cross borders to work in other EU countries Establishment of the Euro – makes trade easier Help ensure the safety and security of member nations Cooperate and assist each other in social issues Ie. Preserving the environment and human rights

8 EU Economics 13 member nations use the Euro – typically poorer economic countries Euro = common currency of the EU Bills are the same 1 side of the coins represent the country they are from – the other side is standard In these countries, one currency is used, allowing for easier trade from one country to another. How does the Euro improve trade in Europe? Removal of trade barriers and border controls have enabled countries to be more competitive with each other Improve economic stability and standard of living.

9 Interesting Facts… The EU began in 1957 with 6 nations.
“Europe Day” is celebrated May 9 to honor the day in 1950 that the idea of an organized Europe was introduced. The European anthem is taken from Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony (“Ode to Joy”).

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