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2 What is Global Warming? Global warming is the increase of the Earth’s average surface temperature due to a build up of green house gases in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is the most common gas that causes global warming. As temperatures increase, the climate changes.

3 Greenhouse Effect Sunlight enters the earth’s atmosphere and most of the light is reflected back by the earth’s surface. Greenhouse gases act as a shield trapping the sun’s energy and preventing it from leaving our atmosphere. The trapped sunlight causes the earth temperatures to rise and change our climate and weather. Twice in the past ten years, we’ve had the hottest temperatures ever recorded in the planet’s history.

4 The Main Cause of Global Warming
Increase of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere

5 Other Causes Deforestation is responsible for 20-25% of all carbon emissions entering the atmosphere Burning of fossil fuels Population (more people=more cars, more food and more energy)

6 Greenhouse Gases Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Fossil fuel burning, deforestation Methane (CH4) Rice cultivation, cattle & sheep ranching, decay from landfills, mining Nitrous oxide (N2O) Industry and agriculture (fertilizers)

7 Worldwide Carbon Emissions
8 Liquid fuel Total Gas fuel Solid fuel 7 6 5 Carbon (109 metric tons) 4 3 This spike is due to the exponential increase in the use of fossil fuels over the last 150 years. Shown here are emissions of carbon from  gas,  solid,  liquid fuels, and  the total carbon emissions.  2 1 1750 1800 1850 1900 1950 2000 Year

8 Carbon Emissions vs. Population

9 Effects of Global Warming
Rising Sea Level Increased Temperature Habitat Damage and Species Affected Changes in Water Supply

10 Proof of Global Warming
Alaska 1914 2004

11 Colorado River Arizona June 2002 Dec 2003

12 Melting Glaciers – Mt. Kilimanjaro
Mount Kilimanjaro is the poster child of the global warming movement, since most of the glacier has disappeared over the last 30 years. However experts agree that the shrinking of the Mount Kilimanjaro glacier is more the result of deforestation of the surrounding area than changes due to global warming.

13 Drought in Africa Lake Faguibine Lake Chad
Africa's drought troubles began well before greenhouse gases increased to any appreciable degree. The inhabitants of Northern Africa have systematically cut down trees for firewood for thousands of years. The result has been that transpiration has decreased, decreasing rainfall and expanding the Sahara Desert. Similar deforestation is now occurring over much of Africa. The result is that the deserts of North, South and East Africa are expanding, leading to drought. Coupled with global warming induced changes in precipitation, it is likely that the peoples of much of Africa will be suffering from drought and starvation in the coming decades.

14 Problems Plants and Animals will face
Temperatures of waters rise, so it is hard for fish to adapt this change. As the earth warms, plants will have to migrate at a rate of 1.6 km per year which is 5 times higher than normal migration rate. Polar bears are drowning because they are unable to swim the longer distances between land and the receding ice.

15 Solutions Energy Alternatives Solar Power Hydro Power Wind Power

16 Things you can do! Take shorter showers, heating water uses energy
Turn off lights when you leave the room Use compact fluorescent bulbs Plant a tree Recycle Walk or carpool instead of driving Educate others

17 Cartoons about Global Warming

18 Any Questions? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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