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Planning Your New KS3 Geography Curriculum (2008 – 2011)

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1 Planning Your New KS3 Geography Curriculum (2008 – 2011)

2 Where to start? Do I want….. to do nothing ? to modify my schemes of work ? to make a fresh start ?

3 Is doing nothing an option ? YES (possibly) : if teachers and pupils love the current schemes of work if pupils show their commitment to Geography by opting in large numbers at GCSE if the SMT are happy with what you are currently doing if you have checked that you are covering all the requirements of the new PoS if you can satisfy an OFSTED inspection But – OFSTED will be looking in future forDisciplined Innovation

4 What about just making some changes ? Key questions to ask: what do I want to keep ? what to I want to get rid of ? what do I want to add ? Making choices then raises the question of geographical SIGNIFICANCE….

5 What about making a fresh start? Whether you want to modify your schemes of work or whether you want to make a fresh start, you need to begin by making some choices… ….so, what to teach ?

6 Making choices raises the question of geographical SIGNIFICANCE……… … so what makes something geographically significant? The scale ? The geographical extent ? The number of people affected ? Is it new ? Is it threatening ? Is it enduring ? Is it important for the future ? Whose future ? Its topicality ? Its uniqueness ? Its fragility ? Its significance to you ? To your learners ? To the world ?

7 Support for teachers - A teachers toolkit for KS3 Places Into Africa: how are our lives connected to Africa? Rise and rise of China: where does China go from here? British or European: who do you think you are? Themes Water works: do we have equal rights to resources? Faster, higher, stronger: are the Olympics the best way to regenerate East London? A thorny issue: would you buy a Valentines rose? Look at it this way: what are your views on landscapes? Issues Change the world: what difference can we make to climate? Moving stories: why is the UKs population changing? Future floods: can geographers make a difference? Published by the Geographical Association – first books now published…..

8 Impossible Places Fantastic Places Risky World Paradise Lost Africa Who wants to be a billionaire? Adventure Landscapes New India London 2012 Available on the GeographyTeachingToday website and created by the Royal Geographical Society [Seven more units to be added by July 2008] Support for teachers – New units for KS3

9 SIGNIFICANCE: Look at each of the following lists and choose a place OR a theme OR an issue that you think is geographically significance for your new KS3. Be prepared to justify your choices! ISSUES: Sustainable Energy[ ] Flooding in the UK[ ] Fairtrade [ ] Rainforest destruction[ ] Ecotourism[ ] THEMES: Water resources[ ] Urban settlements[ ] Weather[ ] Coastal landscapes[ ] Farming[ ] PLACES: Brazil[ ] China[ ] Italy[ ] Sudan[ ] Poland[ ]

10 Creating a framework for your for your schemes of work…

11 Current Geography units at a typical school AutumnSpringSummer Y7 Making connections Exploring the UK Weathering & River Erosion UK FloodingUK SettlementGeography of Football Y8 Industrial decline Food milesTectonicsWeather and Climate Brazil: Country of contrasts Geography of Crime Y9 EcosystemsPeople and Resources Coastal Management Weather Forecasting DevelopmentGeography of Fashion

12 How to plan (1) – using a traditional planning grid

13 Y9 Y8 Y7 …………………….......................... ……………………. …...................... ……………………. Dartboard Planning Grid How to plan (2) – using a dartboard style planning grid

14 Example 1: dartboard style with themes and topics

15 Example 2: dartboard style with themes, topics, lessons and links

16 Unfair worldMy place in the worldExtreme places Water worldConnected worldGoing places Diverse worldShrinking worldChanging places Dangerous worldWonderful worldThreatened places RiversPopulationLocal area FloodingMigrationUK Weather and ClimatePopulation & resourcesEuropean Union MicroclimateSettlementFrance Extreme weatherEconomic activitiesItaly Climate changeEnergy resourcesJapan Rocks / soilsFood and FarmingAustralia WeatheringTrade / Aid / FairtradeUSA Ecosystems - variousTourismBrazil Environmental issuesGlobalisationIndia Coastlines / managementDevelopmentGhana EarthquakesGeog. of sportChina VolcanoesGeog. of crimeMexico TsunamiGeog. of fashionEgypt Landslides / avalanchesSustainable DevelopmentAntarctica Possible overview titles for themes: Popular current KS3 units: Remember to be creative and add your own ideas!

17 Framing questions for enquiry Ensure that these enquiry questions: Capture the interest and imagination of pupils Place an aspect of geographical thinking or study at the forefront of pupils minds Result in tangible, lively, substantial, enjoyableoutcome activities through which pupils can genuinely answer the question Framing your study of a place, theme or issue in the form of an enquiry question is an incredibly powerful approach! Look at the following slide – are these good enquiry questions??

18 Should we allow the sea to reclaim areas of coastline ? Should we introduce quotas on immigration into the UK ? Is the worlds climate really changing because of us ? Is the world becoming a riskier place ? Do we really care about local shops ? If we did, wouldnt we shop there ?

19 Finding room for topicality pertaining to or dealing with matters of current or local interest currently of interest of interest at the present time relating to things which are happening at present contemporary relating to something that is of interest or importance at the moment What does it mean?

20 Telephone Bank Plan First Direct, the fast-growing telephone bank owned by Midland Bank, yesterday announced the construction of a new telephone call centre in Scotland. It is expected to create 5000 new jobs during the next seven years. This new site is designed to ensure that we have the space to expand our business well into the next century, said Keith Whitson, chief executive of Midland. First Direct said that its main reasons for locating in Scotland were economic. In searching for a site, our main priority was to have access to a large, high-quality workforce. The Financial Times April 2nd 1997 (Taken from a well-known KS3 textbook first published in 1999 and reprinted in 2003) Passage from India: bank switches its customer calls back to UK Lloyds TSB, the UK's biggest provider of current accounts, is bowing to customer demands and moving calls back to the UK from a service centre in India. The bank will even allow all of its current account customers to ring their local branches instead of a call centre in India which unions claim is unpopular. This marks a U-turn for the bank which has routed its calls through India since 2004. The Guardian March 3rd 2007 (Taken from an internet search on Google March 3rd 2007) What has happened in the ten years between these two articles? (most Year 7 pupils starting the new KS3 course will have been born in 1997) How topical is this textbook article which starts off a double-page spread ?

21 Earthquake felt across much of UK The biggest earthquake in the UK for nearly 25 years has shaken homes across large parts of the country. The main 10-second quake, which struck at 0056 GMT at a depth of 15.4km (9.6 miles), was the biggest recorded example since one with a magnitude of 5.4 struck north Wales in 1984. (BBC News Report February 27 th 2008) How can you build in topicality to your schemes of work? Leave gaps in your schemes of work ? Stay flexible and react to events as they happen ? Update every topic every year so everything is always fresh ? How did you react to this event ? Was it a significant event ? Which classes did you discuss the event with the following day ? Which classes, if any, did you do some work with based on this event ? Will it still be topical when you next do earthquakes as a topic ?

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