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Preparing for Parenting

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1 Preparing for Parenting
Chapter 3 Preparing for Parenting

2 Deciding about Parenthood

3 Reasons for Choosing Parenthood
“We want to share our love with a child” most important reason “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a cute, little baby?” positive thinking is great, but… “Our parents want grandchildren” more important that PARENTS want children “Our older child needs a sibling” fulfilling the needs of someone else

4 “A child can make us proud”
Some want children to carry on a family name and customs, inherit a family business, or achieve certain goals. Parenthood is not a choice if a child is only wanted to boost the parents’ ego or meet their unfulfilled goals “Others will see me as a stable, reliable person” Very negative reason “A child will make us love each other” Children will NOT save a failing marriage!! Having a baby will often add strain to even a strong marriage

5 Reasons for NOT Choosing Parenthood
“We are not ready for a child” Some need to mature, some want more time as a couple, and some want to focus on their career first “A baby costs a lot” TRUE!! “A child will tie us down” 24 hour/day 7 day/week lifetime career “A child will interfere with our careers” It may be difficult to have time for both

6 “Our child could be sick or disabled”
there are no guarantees “Our marriage could fail, and I don’t want to be a single parent” May be the feeling of couples with marital problems These problems should be solved before having children

7 Factors to Consider

8 How Children Affect Relationships
Children and the Couple Should think about how their relationship with their partner would change Children and Relatives and Friends Good relationships with others are positive for the couple and their possible children Sharing Responsibilities Consider how they feel about the way they share tasks Consider how children will affect how they share responsibilities

9 Managing Finances Expenses grow as the child grows
Consider indirect costs- resources parents use to meet child-related costs that could have been used to meet other goals. Not actual expenses. (time for a hobby, changing working hours) Forgone income-potential income given up by a parent who leaves the workforce and stays home to raise a child

10 Managing Careers Will one parent stay home, or both work?
Maternity Leave- time mothers take off work for the birth or adoption of a child Typically 6-8 weeks May be paid, partially paid, or unpaid Paternity leave- fathers time off (usually unpaid) after birth or adoption Family and Medical Leave Act- Law that protects the rights of many women and men to take unpaid maternity or paternity leave

11 Problems with Family and Work
Dual Career families will have many questions to answer Page 96-97

12 Family Planning Happens when a couple decides how many children they want and when to have them It is easier to control family planning now than in the past because of the numerous options

13 Doctors will explain each method in terms of…
How the method works to prevent pregnancy How successful the method is at preventing pregnancy when used properly Directions for using the method The method’s possible side effects and risks Effects, if any, on future fertility The method’s cost

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