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Late 1800’s Through Early 1900’s  The United States  The Golden Door  The American Dream.

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2 Late 1800’s Through Early 1900’s

3  The United States  The Golden Door  The American Dream

4  Before 1890, immigrants from Western and Northern Europe  After 1890, Southern and Eastern Europe  Italy, Russia, Austria-Hungary  West Indies  Jamaica, Cuba, Puerto Rico  Ellis Island, New York- immigration center o Pass physical exam o met legal requirements o after 1909, had to have $25 in pocket o 1892-1924, over 17,000,000

5  Chinese  Gold, Farming, Railroad, Mining, Domestics  Japanese  Hawaii—U.S. annexed in 1898, continue to West Coast *Mexico- fled for jobs and political turmoil Angel Island, San Francisco, California- immigration center Asians, majority Chinese Harsh conditions, unfriendly staff extensive questioning, long detention

6  Melting Pot? Mixture of people from different cultures and races blending together by giving up their native languages and culture  Nativism — overt favoritism toward native born Americans  Protestants vs Catholics & Jews  Anti-Chinese sentiment-accept lower wages  1882 Chinese Exclusion Act limits immigration of Chinese, supposed to last 10 years, extended in 1892, made indefinite in 1898, repealed in 1943  1907-Gentlemen’s Agreement w/Japan

7  Urbanizatio n-growth of cities  Americanization movement -assimilate foreign cultures into the American culture  Migration -large movement of:  Rural residents to the cities for jobs  African-Americans from the south to northern  cities  WHY? Increase technology in agriculture  machinery made the need for manual laborers less

8  1. Housing-not enough  Tenements -multi-family dwellings  Unsanitary-trash, human waste

9 2. TRANSPORTATION3. WATER  Struggle to expand and repair quickly  Mass Transit - transportation system designed to move large numbers of people along fixed routes  Lack of safe drinking water  Filtration 1870  Chlorination 1908

10  Keeping cities clean  Horse manure  Sewage in open gutters  Factory smoke  By 1900 cities developed sewer lines and sanitation systems

11 5. CRIME6. FIRE  More people = more crime  New York City – 1 st full time salaried police force  Lack of water system to fight fires  Use of candles & kerosene

12  1870-1890  Greed & self-indulgence/Social Darwinism

13 Gained voter support within city blocks Helped poor and gained votes by doing favors or providing services Sometimes mayor, controlled access to municipal jobs and business licenses, influenced courts

14  Civil Service - government administration, working in government jobs  Patronage – giving of government jobs to people who helped a candidate get to office  People not always qualified for positions given  Spoils system - Andrew Jackson  Corruption, politicians wanted reform, reached presidency

15  1880 Chester Arthur, stalwart, V.P. on Garfield ticket  Garfield shot, Arthur changes his position and becomes reformer  With patronage gone, money for elections has to come from somewhere? Big Business takes over  1876-Rutherford B. Hayes wins election  Upsets stalwarts, doesn’t run in 1880  1880 -James Garfield, wins presidency, assassinated by stalwart when not given govt. job  By 1901, 40% of government jobs civil service

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