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Pitlochry fieldwork Cath White Discipline of Geography University of Northumbria

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1 Pitlochry fieldwork Cath White Discipline of Geography University of Northumbria


3 1. Make observations in the distillery as well as in the town to determine how the features you see are constructed by underlying structures of power. 2. You may ask questions of people in the town. 3. Use Gilberts 8 way thinking as a framework to guide your methodology. 4. Produce a 4 minute podcast by your group. This will entail writing a script and discussing who will speak. Afterwards you will present the podcast and it will be assessed. Methodology

4 Podcast group M

5 Content: You interviewed a variety of people, both old and young. We liked the fact that you had read articles online before you came to build up your initial sense of place. You also compared your perceptions of Pitlochry before you came with your present perceptions and examined how this was conditioned by your reading. You made good references to Massey and her views on interconnected places. You emphasised the seasonality and scale of tourism well and noted how the views on the shops differed according to whether the interviewee was a local. You noted that the Scottish flags were for the tourists and not the locals and found out some interesting detail on bagpipes. Engagement with booklet and 8 way thinking : We liked the way you used the hotel guestbook as a source of feelings. You dealt with numbers and people well covering a variety of local sights as you did so.

6 Podcast Group A

7 Content: Good content with a clear introduction and conclusion. We liked the focus on the different groups and the meanings they made of Pitlochry. You covered a wide range of places and examples of activities including the bike race and the Enchanted Forest. Good background on Victorian Pitlochry contrasted with lack of investment in hotels in Pitlochry today. Engagement with booklet and 8 way thinking : Clear examples used of eight way thinking – people, feelings, and sounds were covered well.

8 Podcast Group I

9 Content: Loved the introductory music! Very detailed content covering such things as Pitlochry as winner of the best horticulture award and Queen Victorias involvement in the town. Good reference made both to General Wade and the Jacobite rebellion. Clear reference made to Gillian Roses work and interesting comments on the way Scottishness was represented. Engagement with booklet and 8 way thinking : You used this well with good examples for the words theme such as words on plaques and the words on the war memorial. For people you included the migrants, tourists and the locals.

10 Podcast Group D

11 Content: Clear introduction focusing on the location of Pitlochry and its global connections. We like d the way you presented your own impressions and then contrasted them with the views of the locals. You contrasted Pitlochry with Aviemore in an interesting way. Your recording was well illustrated by interviews with local residents including an employee of the Festival Theatre and the owner of a hotel. You made a good link to the Rose article. Engagement with booklet and 8 way thinking : You referred to people, sights, numbers and nature giving good detail on each theme. You posed the interesting question as to whether the sense of place of Pitlochry changed over time.



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