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1 Sodexo UK and Ireland Diversity & Inclusion 7 October 2008

2 page 2 Contents 1.About Sodexo 2.Our approach to Diversity and Inclusion 3.Moving from talk to action

3 About Sodexo

4 page 4 Sodexo Worldwide We are a world leader in Food and Facilities Management providing quality of life services; In 80 countries Over 29,000 sites With 342,000 people Our areas of expertise include; Corporate Services Prestige Defense Correctional Services Healthcare Seniors Education Remote sites

5 page 5 Sodexo UK and Ireland 48,000 staff over at more than 2,300 client locations across all market sectors 1212 staff in Scotland across 80 client locations including Lothian and Borders Police We provide the following services to Lothian and Borders Police; Cleaning Catering Mailroom & Distribution Grounds Maintenance Other subsidiary services

6 page 6 Mission and Values Mission: To improve the quality of daily life Values Spirit of progress Team spirit Service spirit

7 page 7 Strategy Map Become the premier Global Outsourcing Expert in Quality of Life services Increase revenues at each existing account Acquire new clients Build a comprehensive IFM offer and a strong pillar in Hard FM Reinvent a competitive client proposition Develop & implement higher margin & innovative food offerings Excel at labor productivity Reduce purchasing costs Optimize our organizational efficiency Get high returns out of IT Improve risk & reward management at the right level Guarantee compliance with quality standards Attract, develop, engage and retain the best talents we need Foster Diversity & Inclusion CREATE A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE THROUGH OUR PEOPLE AND THEIR DIVERSITY LIVE OUR VALUES Act as a corporate citizen Build on our culture Improve client and customer retention and loyalty Reinforce brand equity and exploit it as a business development asset Drive Sodexho brand image to reflect our Group expertise in Facilities Management MAKE SODEXHOS BRAND THE REFERENCE IN QUALITY OF LIFE SERVICES ENSURE COMPLIANCE THROUGH REINFORCED STANDARDS, BUSINESS RIGOR AND BEST PRACTICES IMPROVE OPERATING PROFITS, MARGINS & CASH AND ACHIEVE THE BEST PERFORMANCE IN THE INDUSTRY ACCELERATE PROFITABLE ORGANIC GROWTH AND GROW FASTER THAN OUR COMPETITION

8 Our approach to Diversity and Inclusion

9 page 9 Global Focus Global diversity strategy launched in 2006 Group Chief Diversity Officer based in USA Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion for Europe Global Diversity Taskforce with representatives in every country Global Inclusion Newsletter

10 page 10 Global and Country Diversity Newsletters

11 page 11 UK and Ireland Focus USA and Europe further ahead than UK and Ireland We are not simply replicating US and Europe strategies in UK and Ireland. A local approach – first steps to raise awareness and embed inclusion A realistic, practical and pragmatic approach to a challenging subject Race for talent with changing UK demographics Increasing expectations of existing and potential clients

12 page 12 What some people think……. Every day I read or hear something negative about diversity. I am fed up of hearing about it! Its all about quotas, positive discrimination and lowering standards We are already a diverse company so why are we even talking about this? We stick to the middle of the road with everything we do so as not to offend anyone If a client doesnt want us to employ black people we wont Its always about someone else – what about me? Its time we starting taking this stuff seriously! Surely if we treat everybody exactly the same we cant go wrong – can we? My budgets are too tight for me to afford to employ a disabled person

13 page 13 What we read in the Press

14 page 14 What we read in the Press

15 page 15 What we read in the Press

16 page 16 What we read in the Press

17 page 17 What we read in the Press

18 page 18 What we read in the Press

19 Moving from talk to action

20 page 20 A challenging subject……? Diversity can be a challenging subject but only if we allow it to be. Our role as managers is to lead positively. Our UK and Ireland strategy is all about celebrating, including and raising awareness – in other words taking a very positive approach to what can be a negative subject We will also focus on finding practical solutions where differences create barriers e.g Providing ESOL classes for staff who do not speak English as their first language Providing funding and support for people who have a disability or become disabled Providing guidance on how to sensibly manage requests for time off for reasons of flexibility or religious observance Setting up diversity networks to inform and shape the business and ensure we have a spirit of inclusion through the business

21 page 21 Progress so far New head of diversity appointed for UK and Ireland, also part of Global Taskforce UK and Ireland Diversity policies available to all staff and clients Diversity and Inclusion Council made up of directors from across the UK and Ireland has now met twice Council will champion diversity and inclusion across the business Diversity and Inclusion strategy launched - linked to global business imperatives Key relationships with expert NGOs including Employers Forums on Age, Belief and Disability, Race for Opportunity and Opportunity Now

22 page 22 UK and Ireland Diversity & Inclusion Policy Launched in July 2008 Supported by FAQ

23 page 23 Our commitment to LGBT staff Extract from policy Sexual Orientation In order to implement this policy across the diversity strands, Sodexo will acknowledge that same sex relationships are as important as mixed sex relationships and ensure that this is reflected in policy and practice. will confront homophobic attitudes, behaviours and language and promote an understanding of individual rights and attributes. will encourage a culture of openness around sexual orientation, whilst maintaining privacy rights. will ensure that it takes a proactive role in promoting the understanding of sexuality equality issues. NB: Our commitment to transgender staff is covered within the Gender strand of our policy.

24 page 24 Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Map Foster Diversity & Inclusion Attract, develop, engage and retain the best talents we need Demonstrate visible, tangible and accountable senior management commitment Understand the needs of our diverse workforce Engage with employees across the business to shape and deliver our Diversity Action plans Communicate and celebrate our diversity internally and externally Equip our managers with the confidence to lead a diverse team Continually measure and share progress against our Diversity Action plans CREATE A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE THROUGH OUR PEOPLE AND THEIR DIVERSITY

25 page 25 Looking ahead Our strategic work on D&I in the UK will accelerate this over the next 12 months with; becoming active members of all NGOs including Stonewall the continuation of our executive level D&I council the development and roll out of a training and education programme for managers and unit staff some key communications and activities designed to raise awareness and bring diversity to life the development of our Inclusion toolkit the formation of our first employee networks working in partnership with clients to share best practice

26 page 26 Thank you. Sharon Kyle Head of Employee Engagement and Diversity Sodexo UK and Ireland

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