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Using ArcPad for Fieldwork with GIS Steve Dunn & Mark Smith.

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1 Using ArcPad for Fieldwork with GIS Steve Dunn & Mark Smith

2 GIS @ Leeds GeographyYears 7 – 13 Basic GIS Skills Population Study Plate Tectonics Coursework Hurricane Tracking Census Data Analysis Fieldwork BiologyY8 – 13 HistoryY7-12 RSY7 - 8

3 Lets do some fieldwork with withArcPad

4 Investigating MICROCLIMATE with ArcPad

5 Students visit prescribed data collection points to record temperature on the pda. ArcPad software records georeferenced data points on a map of the School site. Out in the field ……….

6 Back in the classroom…… Students import their data into the desktop ArcGIS and using Spatial Analyst they can visualise their data for analysis and comparison. At Leeds, all Year 8 Geography classes will record data and compare their results. This enables students to view data over different days and time frames.

7 10:00 am Data2:00 pm Data

8 What else can you do?

9 Land Use survey using a digitised sketch map Year 8 students visit a National Park honeypot site to look at issues of land use and building function for tourism. Using pdas data is collected in the field and visualised for analysis on the desktop.

10 LEEDS CBD LAND USE MAP 2008 Group Data collected for Year 10 coursework

11 Data collected using ArcPad can be presented for a variety of studies Building height & Building Function

12 3D analysis adds an exciting dimension to utilising field data Building Height Analysis Leeds CBD 2008

13 Differentiation through fieldwork analysis! Year 10 coursework linking Pedestrian Flow Data with Land Use using ArcGIS extensions Spatial Analyst and 3D Analyst

14,,1642288,00.html Background Information

15 CONTACT Steve Dunn

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