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USM, Inc. Traveler Training Manual Online Booking Tool Training.

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1 USM, Inc. Traveler Training Manual Online Booking Tool Training

2 LOGGING ON Getting Started Booking Online  Access the booking site at ravelsync/cl/site1/login.asp ravelsync/cl/site1/login.asp  You can also access via the Intranet Travel Portal  Login using your e-mail address and password  Be sure your User Profile is accurate GETTING HELP  Getting Help  Online Help Desk (866) 346-3306  Changes and Cancellations  Please contact the Ultramar Travel department at external toll free at (866) 856-0441

3 Logging In Enter your E-mail address and password. First time users will register here

4 First Time User Register to complete a profile USMS Enter Corp. username: USMS And Password: UTM350

5 Logging In Dashboard From the Dashboard you can review and update your profile, Current And Upcoming Trips, and Previous Trips or go directly to Book a Trip.

6 Logging In Profile Your profile consists of two pages to be completed.

7 Logging In Profile

8 Logging In Profile Simply save and continue

9 You Are Now Ready To Book A Trip From the Dashboard click on book a trip and you will be ported over to Cliqbook.

10 Book A Trip From the Travel Home Page you can elect to book your travel or… Welcome Transfield Travelers

11 Book A Trip Welcome Transfield Travelers From the homepage you can view your travel contacts and Travel Policy information in Company Notes, Upcoming Trips, and Travel Maps… …View useful tools, Past Trip Library, or book trips via travel templates.

12 Book A Trip Welcome Transfield Travelers You will select your trip requirements on the Travel Center page.

13 Book A Trip Welcome Transfield Travelers Search for flights in surrounding airports by typing in the city

14 Book A Trip Welcome Transfield Travelers Below the flight criteria, you can add a check if you need a car and/or hotel.

15 Air Options Preferred airlines are designated with diamonds. The top portion shows all results sorted by airline and nonstop vs. connections. Estimated airfares are displayed whether searching by price or schedule.

16 Air Options After selecting and pricing outbound and return flights alternate flight options are presented

17 Alternate Air Options A pop-up will alert you when you have selected an out of policy airfare and will require you to either choose a reason or go back and change your selection.

18 Alternate Air Options You can select a reason for choosing a selected flight from a dropdown menu and than explain why the flight was chosen.

19 Car Rental Search Car rental companies are listed. Preferred vendors are designated with a gold diamond.

20 Hotel Search 3 diamonds indicate Preferred Hotels.

21 Hotel Search A pop up will prompt you to read and acknowledge the hotel rate details and cancellation policy.

22 Itinerary Review At the itinerary review page, you have an opportunity to review and/or modify your trip.

23 Billable/Nonbillable In order to complete booking, you much choose billable or non-billable travel If non-billable enter 6 0’s in the Project Field

24 Purchase Ticket Click on Purchase Ticket to complete your reservation

25 Online Support Any questions regarding the Online Booking process? Call Ultramar’s Online Help Desk 866.346.3306 8:30 am - 9:00 pm ET Thank You!

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