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An introduction to the Primary Geography Quality Mark Dr Thomlinson Middle School.

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1 An introduction to the Primary Geography Quality Mark Dr Thomlinson Middle School

2 Going for the award The Primary Geography Quality Mark is an award for primary schools who want to achieve recognition for the quality of their geography leadership, curriculum development, learning and teaching in the school.

3 Underpinned by a self-assessment framework –Available in full to all schools who register for the award and to all GA members via the PGQM VLE our password protected sub site – –Contact for your individual username and

4 Used in conjunction with the Audit Checklist the framework acts as a tool to help subject coordinators identify areas requiring development in their department. Primary Geography Quality Mark self-assessment framework

5 The self-assessment framework also: provides guidance for School Leadership Teams who want to engage in a process of whole school supported self-review. can be used by teachers who are new to the coordinating role to help them identify how geography can be developed in their school. is a way of identifying and celebrating what is already good in a school.

6 The school self- assessment is based on: The characteristics of geography in your school How well pupils enjoy & achieve The quality of provision Subject Leadership and Management Directly linked to the Ofsted Self Evaluation Form (SEF)

7 Key principles Key principles identify and celebrate good geography provide a framework for subject leaders/coordinators to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the geography curriculum improve for all pupils the quality of the educational experience through geography Hallam Primary School Sheffield

8 raise the profile of geography within the primary curriculum … and in particular its contribution to citizenship, sustainable development, global dimensions, cultural and social inclusion, using and understanding technology, and in imparting a wide range of skills. Methodist School, Wakefield

9 yprimary/primaryqualitymark/ Find Information on the main GA website

10 All documents, exemplar material and Guidance are available on the PGQM VLE GA members can request access to this password protected site.

11 2 2 ways to become involved 1.If you are a GA member use the Audit Checklist and Self Evaluation Assessment documents as tools to help you identify aspects of geography that require further work; create an action plan and develop these action points independently of the award process 2.Register to be assessed for the award and achieve validated Primary Geography Quality Mark status at bronze, silver or gold level.

12 Completion of the PGQM Application Form (based on the self-evaluation criteria) is the basis of your submission for the award. You will also be asked to provide evidence of pupil work, planning and other relevant school information. If you decide to register and apply for the award

13 the AUDIENCE for the application is the GA appointed school moderator (someone who is passionate about primary geography) … and When completing your application you will need to think about... your audience

14 … your PURPOSE is to: celebrate the characteristics of geography in your school show how effectively children learn geography and whether they enjoy their learning communicate how you provide for quality learning in geography and whether your provision is having an impact on children as learners demonstrate how effectively the subject is led and managed

15 Interested in finding out or have any questions about the PGQM? Contact for further Go online at rimaryqualitymark/ to register your interest. rimaryqualitymark/ Join the Geography Champions network and chat to other PGQM coordinators

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