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Fundamentals of Databases CIS-235 Dr. Samir Tartir 2014/2015 Second Semester.

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1 Fundamentals of Databases CIS-235 Dr. Samir Tartir 2014/2015 Second Semester

2 Class Lecture Times: –STT: 13:10 – 14:00 Room: –403 Labs: –Sun 14:10-16:00 Slides are on ecourse: –

3 Lecturer Instructor: Dr. Samir Tartir Office: IT 303 Office Hours: STT 12-1, MW: TBA E-mail: Website – Facebook group: –


5 Lecturer Background PhD: From the University of Georgia in 2009. Database Programmer: –1998-2000: CCS: Jordan –1999-1999: Al-Awa’el: Jordan –2000-2003: Integrant: Jordan & USA –2003-2003: Dar Al-Handasa: Jordan –2004-2004: SIMTIX: Jordan –2006-2006: Padgett: USA Database Technologies: –Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access, Sybase, MySQL, SQLite

6 Course Overview Prerequisites: –CIS-221 (Data Structures) Textbook: –Title: “Fundamentals of Database Systems” –Authors: El Masri & Navathe –Publisher: Addison-Wesley, 6 th edition, 2014

7 Course Description This module aims to give the students - main concepts of databases - database models - database design - relational algebra - query languages - object oriented database - normalization techniques - query optimization - databases on the web

8 Course Contents Introduction, Concepts and Definitions Database Models Relational Database E-R Diagrams Relational Algebra SQL

9 Grading First exam: 20% Second exam: 20%: Class: 15%+ Lab: 5% Lab: 5% Project: 15% Final exam: 40%: Class: 35%+ Lab: 5%

10 Projects To be done in teams of 3 7 Project deliverables –Details on next slide Submitted by email to –

11 Project Deliverables DescriptionDate 1Teams & Titles15/March 2Requirements29/March 3ER Diagram12/April 4Schema19/April 5Tables26/April 6Data10/May 7Screens7/June

12 Late and Cheating Policies All assignments are due by 11:59 PM 10% penalty for each late day Zero points if late by more than 5 days Proper documentation needed for health- related excuses within 1 week Cheating cases handed over to academic honesty department –Minimum penalty: Failing the class

13 Use of Electronic Devices Laptops/Tablets –Only for note taking or training on class material, can be asked to turn in notes. Phones –Must always be silent or turned off while in class –First time a warning, second you’ll be asked to leave class. –Only in emergencies Others –Should be turned off

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