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e-Health in NHS Scotland

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1 e-Health in NHS Scotland
Dr Stuart Scott Clinical Director e-Health NHS Grampian GP

2 And What Does eHealth Do For Clinicians???
Facilitate Communication National system Internet Access SCI Gateway SCI Store First point of contact Health Records Allows Labs/Radiology etc to function Primary Care Acute Care Self Care Get results to the treating clinician Support /Develop clinical systems for recording clinical data Reduces Clinical Risk CHI Linking areas Networked PCs Firewall protection Provide Information Service planning WL Management

3 NHS Scotland Strategic Aims
Core Application Labs Others A&E PACs Rx PAS Others Single Record

4 NHS Scotland Strategic Aims
PACs PAS Labs Rx Others A&E Single Record HUB

5 NHS Scotland Strategic Aims

6 GP Practice Hospital CHI Elgin Radiology SCI Store eLinks GP Portal
PCI CHI PAS Abdn Radiology Elgin Radiology Other Systems: A&E PROTOS Clinical Vision CHEO Care Pharmacy Labs INDIGO 4 Labs Lung Cancer SCI Discharge EMAS TOM CAT ECS ERFS SCI Store All non-sensitive Labs results Radiology Reports PAS/CHI Demographics PAS ADT/OP Clinical Letters A&E Summaries eLinks Legacy Systems GP Portal SCI Store PCI PAS CGI ECCI Letter Browser Other reference web links GCS GP Practice Hospital ECCI Letters ECCI Letters V2 SCI Gateway Standard Referral Letters (1-2) Cancer Ref. Letters (1-2) Lung Cancer IDL (2-1) A&E Summaries (2-1) CGI X400 Referrals

7 I wouldn’t start from here….
Federated approach doesn’t work Speed of standardisation Not enough levers Political pressure growing England all sorted then!

8 Generic Clinical System
Pressing ahead but should we be? What do we require to implement? Training Support IM&T Staff Project management Authentication Single sign-on SCI-Store pre-requisites Prioritisation – Local/National

9 PACS Access to images where and when required
Advantages Access to images where and when required Remote diagnostic support Financial savings Political Should beef up the locally available kit Improved use of CHI number Disadvantages Expensive More technical than cultural

10 HEPMA Safety Governance Clinical clamour Available products Case for
Case against Available products

11 Theatre Systems Case for Major area of workload Governance
Risk management Case against Back to the waiting lists again Bean counting mentality

12 Order Entry Safety Data quality Time saving Governance
Embed in referral Add-on for SCI Store Separate procurement

13 Infrastructural elements
Much of the eHealth programme dependent upon robust and reliable telecoms Business continuity – no longer a luxury Standards

14 Consent Public engagement Emergency Care Summary – First Engagement
total records in the store 4,433,431 total no patients who have withdrawn consent 219

15 NPfIT aka CfH Why are we messing around trying to do our own thing?

16 Scottish Telemedicine Centre
Delivering for Health proposed it Based in Aberdeen

17 PC Infrastructure Mix of ancient kit will slow apps and increase support Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Patches/Virus/Security Mix of software stacks Cost of maintaining

18 Single logon / Authentication
Security model needs enhanced to cope with increasing mix of systems/users/roles Need technology Need resource to manage

19 Comms capacity What is the projected life of existing bandwidth?
Users expect it to limitless….

20 Business Continuity Are we covered for clinical/key systems?
Managed Service vs Local Board Level Provision 24/7 Support

21 Current Risks iSOFT Gpass National Procurement/Local Implementation
NHS Board Revenue Capabilities

22 Questions?


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