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E-learning More than motivation?. Techniques with ICT interactive whiteboards

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1 E-learning More than motivation?

2 Techniques with ICT interactive whiteboards internet research leading to written/ presentational output images (e.g. with PowerPoint style manipulation) webcams music video clips (watching) video making (editing and filming) animations of processes virtual fieldwork (e.g. using/making an interactive map) gis data gathering (using a data logger) data handling and/or modeling (e.g. with excel spreadsheet) drafting writing using a department website/ intranet blogging

3 Pupil Task: Use GI to investigate the pressures upon an AONB. Surrey CC GISSurrey CC GIS Example of pupils work:


5 The Surrey Hills AONB may be under threat, and there may be landuse conflict in the Godalming & Guildford area, where the AONB appears to be squeezed by urban development Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

6 key This area shows high population density, adjacent to the AONB

7 Zooming in to this area, it is clear that there is a sprawling residential area here, the road pattern looks recent, and there is probably pressure to develop more housing in the area. These roads may be very busy, being close to a high population density, threatening the air, noise, visual pollution and safety for locals This area may be at greatest risk of development, as it is not designated AONB, but perhaps being a floodplain prevents development?

8 Weekday average 678 vehicles I have added the traffic survey layer and investigated the information at two points. This shows that this road is quite busy for a minor road, averaging a vehicle every two minutes, but point B shows that the main road is much more significant, averaging 8 cars a minute. Weekday average 11,135 vehicles A B

9 Getting rid of the layers (except the aerial photo) I can see that the AONB has mixed landuse with plenty of deciduous woodland, hedgerows, and small fields with a mix of crops, suggesting it is well managed for ecological diversity The contrast with the suburban areas ecology is clear I have marked on the AONB boundary myself in blue

10 Evaluating GIS (& ICT)… what does it bring to learning

11 Evaluating GIS, & other ICT… what (may) it bring to learning (Motivation) (Organisation) Spatial thinking Other geographical thinking

12 Evaluating GIS: What does it add to SPATIAL & other GEOGRAPHICAL learning? Unique to GIS…? Understand SCALE - by zooming VIEW OF PLACE– fly through, 3 D and aerial photography (worldwide) Your LOCALITY- data made available INTERCONNECTION – layering, transparency & linking (as you like) VOCATIONAL GEOGRAPHY – use case studies of spatial problem solving (that have only succeeded by using GIS)

13 Evaluating GIS: What does it add to SPATIAL & other GEOGRAPHICAL learning? Enhanced by GIS…? rigour and accuracy – measuring tools, availability of local maps & OS data for mapping fieldwork for precise spatial analysis locational knowledge just in time information – spontaneity of teaching and learning, resources from the internet, or school network in the field, in the classroom, and data (can be) up to date cartography & map skills – use and make symbols & keys, use grid references & coordinates develop spatial literacy (e.g. boundary, border, region, area, location, direction, distance) understanding interdependence and inter-connections – correlate and connect places through producing the map you need – (ESD/ global citizenship) Geographical enquiry – questions posed by pupils and a structured process of finding answers using the GIS Geographical enquiry – Transience & flexibilty of ICT with the permanence of paper – e.g. textbook, atlas, globe, photograph, combined with GIS to make better sense of that resource



16 E-learning More than motivation?

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