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The World Around US. Apersonisjudgedbyhisdeeds.

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1 The World Around US

2 Apersonisjudgedbyhisdeeds.


4 What is happening in the world?

5 Present Passive People cut down the trees every year. Trees are cut down every year. To be + V 3

6 Present Passive The table/make/of/wood.

7 Present Passive The book/sell/everywhere.

8 Present Passive A lot of houses/build/in/the city/every/year.

9 Present Passive Rice/not/grow/in/England.

10 Present Passive Meat/not/usually/eat/for breakfast/in England.

11 Present Passive These/newspapers/sell/here.

12 Present Passive 1.What is usually eaten for breakfast in your family? 2.When are presents brought to you? 3.Where are the flowers grown? 4.When is the Zoo visited in your family? 5.Where are the children taught in different countries?

13 Present Passive What can we do for our planet to save it? What can we do for our planet to protect it?

14 Present Passive 1 We will feed the birds in winter. 2 We will build the birds’ houses in spring. 3 We take care about animals. 4 We won’t frighten animals in the forests. 5 The people will plant many trees. 6 They will not leave the fire in the forest.

15 Present Passive

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