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Relay Online Sign Up! Set Up! Fundraise!. Welcome to Relay Online 2013.

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1 Relay Online Sign Up! Set Up! Fundraise!

2 Welcome to Relay Online 2013

3 Sign-Up!

4 Log In If you were online last year, make it easy by logging in first! Why Log In? The website will remember your: information 2.personal page story & picture 3.address book templates 5.past donors

5 Registration Step #1: Start or Join a Team

6 Registration Step #1: Start a Team – Team Captains Only Enter Team Name National Team & Local companies should select a “Team Company” from the drop down

7 Registration Step #1: Join a Team- Team Members Only Find your Team: Click the “Join a Team” button and begin typing the team name. The registered teams who fit the information provided will automatically populate so you may choose the right group.

8 Registration Step #2: Select the Registration Type Choose the appropriate registration type and how you would like to pay the $10 participation fee.

9 Registration Step #3: Fill In Your Information

10 Registration Step #4: Read and Accept the Relay For Life Waiver

11 Registration Step #5: Complete the Registration Review your registration information and pay any registration fees to complete the Sign Up process.

12 Get Started and Set-Up!

13 Set-Up: Edit your Personal Page! Upload your own picture! Maximum size 200 Kb Free easy software to resize: Share your reason to Relay.

14 Fundraise! 1. Send 2. Facebook 3. Go Mobile 4. Set an example 5. Fundraising Tools

15 Send! Manage Your Address Book Add your email addresses to the My Relay Dashboard for quick communication to all your friends, family, and coworkers.

16 Send! Create a Personal Message Choose an email template… … or write your own message about why you Relay

17 Facebook! Extend your Relay efforts to your friends on Facebook. The Relay For Life Facebook application lets you send and schedule Newsfeed updates to share your fundraising progress and your reason to Relay with all your followers.

18 Go Mobile! Track your Relay Online fundraising progress, send emails, and update your personal page through your iPhone and Android. Relay everywhere you go!

19 Set an Example! Donate to Yourself Lead by example and make a donation to yourself. Others are more likely to follow your lead if you show your own commitment to fundraising.

20 Fundraising Tools!

21 Track your Progress! …and your team’s success Monitor your individual progress

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