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IR4502 International Peace: Regional Conflicts Dr Andrea Oelsner F68 EWB

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1 IR4502 International Peace: Regional Conflicts Dr Andrea Oelsner F68 EWB

2 Conflicts and Regions Regional security complexes (Buzan) or Regional conflict complexes (Wallensteen)

3 Regional sec./conflict complexes Yet, what causes regional security/conflict complexes? Spill-over Contagion Structural similarities (bad neighbourhoods)

4 Regional conflict resolution Gradual approach: Conflict-by-conflict Starting with easier conflicts will create regional momentum Positive experience will positively affect other regional conflicts Bold approach: Most difficult conflict first Resolving most central conflict of the complex first will facilitate resolution of the surrounding conflicts More holistic approach; relies on regional consensus and concerted efforts

5 Regional organisations and conflict resolution Role of regional organisations Function as dialogue forums Function as frameworks for conflict resolution Best if work on prevention rather than management Limits: power considerations, urgency of conflict management over prevention, limited resources

6 Reading for next class: Regional Conflicts Wallensteen, P., Understanding Conflict Resolution, chapter 8. Adebajo, A., Pax West Africana? Regional Security Mechanisms, in Adekeye Adebajo and Ismail Rashid (eds.) West Africas Security Challenges: Building Peace in a Trouble Region (London: Lynne Rienner, 2004). 966.033 Ade Buhaug, H. and K. S. Gleditsch, The Origin of Conflict Clusters: Contagion or Bad Neighborhoods?, paper presented at the 3rd European Consortium for Political Research General Conference, Budapest 8-10 September 2005. Eralp, D. U. and N. Beriker, Assessing the conflict resolution potential of the EU: the Cyprus conflict and accession negotiations Security Dialogue (36:2, 2005) pp. 175-192. Available online. Güney, A., The USAs Role in Mediating the Cyprus Conflict: A Story of Success of Failure?, Security Dialogue (35:1, 2004), pp. 27-42. Available online. Yost, D., NATOs Contribution to Conflict Management, in C. Crocker, F. O. Hampson and P. Aall (eds.), Turbulent Peace: The Challenges of Managing International Conflict (Washington DC: United States Institute of Peace, 2001), pp. 585-602. 327.17 Cro Zellner, W., The OSCE: Uniquely Qualified for a Conflict-Prevention Role, in P. van Tongeren, H. van de Veen, and J. Verhoeven (eds.) Searching for Peace in Europe and Eurasia: An Overview of Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding Activities, (Boulder, CO, and London: Lynne Rienner, 2002), pp. 15-25. 327.17 Ton

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