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Bewdley Flood Alleviation Scheme. Bewdley, November 2000.

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1 Bewdley Flood Alleviation Scheme

2 Bewdley, November 2000

3 Tourists

4 The Team The Environment Agency Halcrow (Severnside North) Worcestershire County Council Birse Construction( Severnside North ) Bauer/IBS

5 Options Considered Dredging works By-pass tunnel Upstream storage combined with by-pass Defences at Severnside North and South

6 Bewdley Overview Cost/benefit analysis precludes a flood defence scheme for Wribbenhall/Beales Corner. Scheme for right bank (Bewdley town) to be implemented in two stages: Phase 1 - Severn Side North (2001-2002) Phase 2 - Severn Side South (2003-2004) Design scheme for both Severn Side North and Severnside South consists of both demountable and permanent section of flood defence walls.

7 Chosen line of defence on Severn Side North Preferred line selected as best solution on consideration of the following issues: Defence has to link Bewdley Bridge to high ground in Dog Lane Car Park. Engineering constraints including location of existing utilities, drainage and need for cut-off wall. Environmental constraints including potential impacts on listed buildings and Bewdley Bridge.

8 Proposed line of SSN defence

9 Typical section of demountable defence along Severn Side North All permanent works below ground level The quay wall has been repaired and strengthened The quay surface be relaid and repaired

10 IBS/Bauer Demountable Flood Protection System in action

11 I

12 Typical section of permanent brick faced defence adjacent to Dog Lane Car Park

13 Severnside North Construction Piling and construction of cut-off wall and foundation for defences forms major part of construction work. Noise, access restrictions for cars and visual intrusion will be the main impacts during the work. The contractor operated from the quay and river bank, only needing to work in the channel at Tolleys Corner where the new section of quay has been built as one of the last items.

14 Mitigation Mitigation during construction - noise and vibration minimised. - pedestrian access maintained along SSN. - working hours restricted. - alternative parking arranged. Environmental mitigation - existing setting and character to be retained. - no impact tie-in of defence to Bewdley Bridge. - archaeological watching brief during works. - brick facing on permanent defence. - existing groundwater regime maintained.

15 Environmental Enhancement New 30 metre section of quayside with stone-faced quay wall and paving to match Severn Side North constructed adjacent to Tolleys Corner. Restoration of existing quay wall and quayside paving, steps and railings. Riverside park enhancement adjacent to Dog Lane Car Park including planting and paving works. Access along riverside footpath (Worcestershire Way) to be improved over the length of the quayside extension.

16 Progress Public Exhibition and meetings Site Investigation for Severn Side North including ground, sewer and topographical surveys. Severn Fluvial Strategy (in progress). Consultations with Statutory bodies and utility companies, in particular Severn Trent Water to resolve the drainage issues. Consultations with interested parties including residents and Bewdley Flood Relief Committee, Wyre Forest D C, English Heritage and others.

17 Progress Publication of Environmental Statement in June 2001. Planning Permission granted in July 2001 for Severnside North. Agency Board approval to whole Severnside scheme granted in August 2001. DEFRA, (formerly MAFF) approval to whole Severnside scheme granted in November 2001 Agreement reached in October 2001 with Severn Trent Water, DEFRA and OFWAT to resolve the drainage issues.

18 Progress Quay wall repair contract completed by Nuttalls in early November 2001 Main contract awarded to Birse Construction in November 2001 following DEFRA approval of scheme Birse set up offices in late November Start of main works January 2002 with completion in October 2002

19 Pile rig on Severnside North


21 Extending the quay wall Severnside North


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