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Do We Live in a Postmodern Society? Part II

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1 Do We Live in a Postmodern Society? Part II
What makes this PoMo? Serious people (Elite culture) made to seem frivolous (Pop culture) Playful Taking from other historical periods Lecture by Dr Christopher Kollmeyer

2 Outline for Lecture Key Question: Do we live in a postmodern society?
If so, it began around late 1960s and early 1970s . Possible Realms where Postmodernism Manifests Time, Space, and Social Relations Arts, Pop Culture, and Aesthetics Epistemology Societal Structures Economy Politics Geo-political affairs First, what is modernity? Historical period beginning in the 1700s in Western Europe. Resulted in massive social change Spread unevenly across the world’s societies.

3 The De-linking of Time and Space
The World Seems Smaller Time-Space Compression is Uneven Humans experience geographic distance thru Time this relationship is not constant Depends on available technology Two Main Points: Geography has become much less of a barrier to the organization of human activities. Example: Aberdeen to London Sailing ship (several days) Airplane (one hour) Internet (instant!) 2. But this process varies depending on which technologies are available.

4 Social Consequences of the Separation of Time and Space
1. Human activity and culture can be ‘dis-embedded’ from its local context. 2. Humans become inter-connected across much great geographic distances: 3. Declining stability and continuity in one’s social environment. Ontological Insecurity: Source: Anthony Giddens The Consequences of Modernity.

5 Cultural Hybridity: Radically Different Ontological Worlds Collide
Fast Food in Traditional Middle Eastern Society The Burka in London Pepsi and the Burka Hip-Hop in the Amazon Juggle

6 PoMo in Fine Arts and Pop Culture: Symbols become De-linked from Reality
Signified Signifier Discuss PoMo in the Arts and popular culture Symbol representing a man An actual man

7 Modern vs. Postmodern TV Adverts

8 PoMo Music Video: De-linking Lyrics and Images
Coldplay ‘The Hardest Part’

9 Postmodern Epistemology
Modernity: (The Grand Narrative) Scientific knowledge  human progress  standardization of human life. Postmodernity (The Death of the Grand Narrative) Reason and scientific knowledge have limits Other ways of knowing Future doesn’t equal progress Multiplicity of social outcomes, not uniformity

10 Social Change in the Late 20th Century
Technology Mechanical  Informational Economy National & industrial  Global & de-industrial Service sector now dominates Politics Class  culture and identity Geo-political Affairs Western Hegemony  Multi-polar world Rise of non-Western powers

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