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Welcome to Mrs. Dutton’s Fourth Grade Class! Please find your child’s seat and begin filling out the information on the orange paper.

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1 Welcome to Mrs. Dutton’s Fourth Grade Class! Please find your child’s seat and begin filling out the information on the orange paper.

2 Ways to contact Mrs. Dutton Phone: 309-243-7774 Note:Send a note with your child

3 Newsletter what we are learning quiz and test dates reminders Birthdays Notes to school Send all lunch money and order forms with money in an envelope with student’s full name and “4HD”

4 Snack and Water Should be small, simple, and nutritious Water bottles must close completely Birthdays Summer birthdays will be celebrated on child’s ½ birthday Treats are welcome but not expected

5 Star of the Week New student each week – goes in alphabetical order Information sent home the Monday before the child’s week Not a graded assignment

6 Reading Logs Read for set number of sessions and minutes –Date –Title of book –Number of minutes read –Parent signature –Summary and Reflection 1 per week Due every Friday

7 Book Reports Assigned at the beginning of each month Different format each month Must be an Accelerated Reading book at their level Detailed instructions and any forms needed will be sent home when the assignment is given

8 Assignment Books All assignments posted on screen Assignments recorded daily Any assignments not completed in class are homework Assignment books should come home EVERY night Parent signature

9 Homework Homework mainly consists of unfinished class assignments, weekly math, spelling, reading logs, book reports, and weekly geography “Take-home Folder” Important papers & graded assignments

10 Classroom Work Many assignments are considered classroom work, and will not be brought home Practices budgeting class work time If students fall behind on classroom work they will miss recess to get caught up

11 Make-up Work In the event of an absence homework will be sent home with the child indicated on the parent information sheet Students will have as many days as they are absent to complete the work Please inform me of planned absences

12 Spelling Weekly spelling lists can be found in their spelling notebook AND written in their assignment book Pretest given on Monday Test given on Friday Challenge list

13 Weekly Math Handed out every other Monday Due the following Friday Covers the concepts as a review Will be started at school, but taken home to finish

14 Rocket Math Every Wednesday and Friday Timed math drills practicing multiplication and division Practice with flash cards or orally at home Regular rocket math is not graded Two monthly assessments for data binder

15 Weekly Geography Handed out every other Monday Due every Friday Remind students not to wait until Thursday evening to complete

16 Science Each teacher is an “expert” on two units Students will switch classrooms at the beginning of 2 nd quarter and 3 rd quarter to go to Mrs. Detering and Miss Elsasser to learn their units They will be back with Mrs. Dutton in the 4 th quarter for two more units Other 4 th grade teachers follow the same behavior plan and late work policy

17 Homework Policy All assignments due at 7:45 a.m. 1 day late = 10% deducted and note written in assignment notebook 2 days late = additional 10% deducted and missed recess 3 days late = missed recess and zero recorded in grade book

18 Classroom Behavior Plan Our classroom behavior plan consists of two parts and directly reflects the class rules created by the students and myself on the first day of school.

19 Classroom Behavior Plan Part 1 – consequences If inappropriate behavior occurs the students will pull a card from our behavior chart –Green = Warning –Yellow = Missed Recess –Red = Note home to parents If any other instances occur Mr. Fairchild will be notified for immediate attention to the situation For each card pulled student fills out an index card with their name, date, and reason for pulling a card All cards pulled are kept track of Each student begins every day on Green

20 Classroom Behavior Plan Part 2 – Rewards If a student pulls no cards in a week they receive a sticker for the reward chart Students can earn rewards as they accumulate more stickers Note: parent contact is only a consequence for pulling a RED card. Therefore, every Friday students will be bringing home a behavior self-assessment for you to review and return to school on Monday.

21 Grading Scale/Grading Procedures All papers will be evaluated, but not all grades will be recorded Tests and projects will count double of daily assignments Students scoring below 65% on a major test will be given the opportunity to remediate up to 65%

22 Parent Portal On Powerschool Access your students grades online Unique username and password for each student Grades will be updated every Friday

23 Class Website

24 Volunteer Sign-up Sign-up sheet by the door Volunteers for classroom events and tasks Copy helper volunteer –Once weekly – day and time is your choice –Sign up on sheet as “Copy Helper” We need Library volunteers! –Every Monday 10:35-11:05 –Sign up on sheet as “Library Volunteer”

25 Classroom Wish List Items that could be used around the classroom, for special projects, or rewards. Sign-up sheet by the door

26 Thank you for coming! I am looking forward to a FANTASTIC school year!

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