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Status and plans for online installation LHCb Installation Review April, 12 th 2005 Niko Neufeld for the LHCb Online team.

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1 Status and plans for online installation LHCb Installation Review April, 12 th 2005 Niko Neufeld for the LHCb Online team

2 Niko Neufeld CERN, PH 2 Components of the Online System Experiment Control System (ECS): run- control and detector control Timing and Fast-Control (TFC): timing and trigger distribution Data Acquisition (DAQ): data movement, data storage and data processing General infrastructure: control room, general purpose (wireless) networking,

3 Niko Neufeld CERN, PH 3 ECS Physical components of the ECS include: –(A few) fibers (DSS, Ethernet connection SX85- UX85) –Ethernet network (in UX85 and SX85) –Control PCs –CAN and SPECS cables for detector slow control (in the counting houses and towards the detector), these are covered in “Cabling of the Experiment” by V. Bobillier

4 Niko Neufeld CERN, PH 4 DAQ Physical components of DAQ: –Ethernet network Cables from and in D1, D2, D3 (detector electronics) Switches in D2 –Event Filter Farm Racks in D1 PCs and switches in D1 –Storage system in SX85 –Barrack layout: EDMS 479595, 479597, 479599 D3 D2 D1

5 Niko Neufeld CERN, PH 5 TFC Physical components of TFC: –Electronics modules (number [[FIXME]], 4 types 2 racks: –Fibers from UX to SX via PZ –Fibers from and in D3 barrack (connecting TFC modules and detector electronics) EDMS xxxyyy vz

6 Niko Neufeld CERN, PH 6 General (online) infrastructure Wire-less and wired networking in SX85 and 2889: has been ordered at IT/CS – expected to be ready by end of July 2005 Workstations in the Control Room: will be installed gradually as needed from September 2005 on Central (disk) servers for ECS and DAQ tests: basic infrastructure will be installed by November 2005

7 Niko Neufeld CERN, PH 7 Fibers (SX to UX) Fibers from SX85 to UX85 (D2 barrack) in PZ shaft –24 pairs of Multi-mode fibers DSS (profi-bus) connectivity (2 pairs) DSS Ethernet (1 pair) ECS Ethernet (1 – 2 pairs) –12 pairs of Mono-mode fibers DAQ (1 pair) TTC Machine timing signals (2 pairs) DSS PLC Synchronization (2 pairs) Installation finished by TS/EL/OF Easy to add new fibers, if needed

8 Niko Neufeld CERN, PH 8 TFC Fibers in UX85 “L0” front-end fibers: long distance (up to ~ 60 m) from D3 to detector front-end: 35, together with bulk of cables / fibers (c.f. V. Bobillier) “L1” fibers: short distance (all in the D3 barrack: max 15 m) to detector crates. Will be installed by end of 05 (TS/EL/OF for connections from patchpanel to pp, LHCb for the patch-cords)

9 Niko Neufeld CERN, PH 9 Ethernet cabling UX85 Logical view of D2 barrack 1544 cables from D3 (detector) to D2 500 Cables between D1 (farm) and D2 406 cables internal in D2 (central DAQ and ECS)

10 Niko Neufeld CERN, PH 10 Ethernet cabling UX85 Cables for the DAQ and the ECS Ethernet network –Short distances (farm in UX85/D1) allow using cheap copper infrastructure An important part of the Online installation –Total of ~2400 CAT6 UTP cables (4800 patch-panel connections) –50 km total of cables –Maximum cable length: 36 m. LHCb is 10 Gigabit over copper ready –EDMS 497862 v4 Work in progress: 65% finished, should be ready by 01/05/05 –work done by AMEC-SPIE organised by IT/CS (M. Da Costa & E. Sallaz)

11 Niko Neufeld CERN, PH 11 Cabling between D2 and D1 D1 D2 D1 D2

12 Niko Neufeld CERN, PH 12 Rack installation for Event Filter Farm in D1 barrack Old 59U Delphi racks have been refurbished Each of the 50 racks will be preinstalled with: –Power bars (6) –Angles (88) (with 2 screws each) –Spacer bars (4) –Rack-cooler door (1) –Ethernet patch-cables (88) The PCs will be mounted late as possible (cost!). Lot of work per PC: unpacking, installing, connecting and testing Need more manpower for these tasks

13 Niko Neufeld CERN, PH 13 Preparation of racks

14 Niko Neufeld CERN, PH 14 Horizontal Cooling of PC racks Joint project of LHC experiments, pioneered by LHCb 75 pieces build to our specifications by CIAT (10 kW cooling capacity) Will be installed from May 05 in Point 8

15 Niko Neufeld CERN, PH 15 Online System Integration Test: Real Time Trigger Challenge Test of a vertical slice of the DAQ and software- triggers scheduled for June 2005 Prototype farm together with readout network, event- builders and trigger algorithms Installed, cabled and operated in the manner as anticipated for operation in Point 8 Complete with ECS for run-control (trigger- algorithms) and slow-control (rack-coolers, CPU fans etc…) In a second stage can also test TFC and Readout Boards

16 Niko Neufeld CERN, PH 16 Planning

17 Niko Neufeld CERN, PH 17 Conclusions Installation of LHCb Online system well on track Infrastructure for Detector Commissioning ready for September 2005 All parts of Online system will be tested together in the Real Time Trigger Challenge Additional Manpower needed for Event Filter Farm installation Many thanks to the Experimental Area team and the IT/CS and TS/EL groups

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