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How can I be a more effective geography mentor? Andrea Tapsfield.

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1 How can I be a more effective geography mentor? Andrea Tapsfield

2 A TESIG proposal for a website publication 1997 booklet Working Together – time for revision? Electronic publication?....... Website? On the GA website: Mentor focus alongside the GTIP site for tutors

3 What is the site for? To support geography mentors whatever ITE route they are involved in: (university partnerships, School Direct, SCITT) To challenge teachers to improve/develop their mentoring To share good practice To provide resources and ideas To develop into a mentors forum?

4 Suggested Framework Key Questions for mentors e.g. – Why should I get involved? – What are my responsibilities – How do I prepare? – How do I plan to meet a training responsibility? – How should I observe trainees lessons – What are the essentials of geography training? – How do I assess progress?

5 Each Key question will have Links to explanations, guidance, questions for mentors to review etc Links to case studies of practice References to resources, further reading, activities etc Links to materials on GA site e.g. GTIP resources, Teaching Geography articles An invitation for mentors to contribute

6 Important considerations Success will depend on contributions from experienced mentors and tutors In turn, contributors will have a structured resource that they and their colleagues can access and use Content must be pithy, engage busy teachers – both support and challenge Content must focus strongly on geography

7 Questions to be explored: Is there a need for such a website to support geography mentors? Would GTE tutors (ie you!) be willing to help to get the project underway by providing resources/contributions/case studies Is the suggested framework on the right lines? – suggestions for amendments and additions Alternative title? Separate sites for primary and secondary with cross links where relevant?

8 Where now?.... please send me Thoughts/amendments/ideas on the framework. Would you share your mentor handbook? If you agree please email me a copy Do you know mentors who could contribute something (can be very short!) – case study, activity, resource? References, readings etc you feel are key for mentors

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