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Creating a Career Portfolio Module 3: Preparing a Career Portfolio.

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2 Creating a Career Portfolio Module 3: Preparing a Career Portfolio

3 Job Resumes (or CVs) Job Interviews Career Spotlight

4 Job Resumes (or CVs) Resume (1-2 pages maximum) –Positive, accurate overview of: Experiences Qualifications Skills Interests Education Curriculum Vitae (CV) (longer) –Literally means “Course of life”

5 Resumes Include: Contact Information –Name, address, phone number, email address Experience –Name and address of employers, positions, responsibilities, accomplishments Education –Educational background, certifications, relevant training, school names and addresses, degrees

6 Exercise 3.1: Career Objective Career objective demonstrates a clear focus and established goal. Type of Business Career Title or Level of Position Career Objective and Major Strengths (Current) Retail Business Retail Sales Clerk To obtain an entry level position in sales using my strengths with talking to and persuading people. (Future) Retail Business Retail Manager To obtain a position as management trainee within the retail fashion industry.

7 Exercise 3.2: Gather and Organize Information Gather and organize information about yourself: Job Experiences Skills Activities Education-Training Awards (if any) Interests/hobbies

8 Exercise 3.3: Develop a Functional Resume Name of Student Address Line 1 Address Line 2 Phone Number E-mail address OBJECTIVE: GENERAL SKILLS: ACTIVITIES: EDUCATION: Dates High School EXPERIENCES: AWARDS: INTERESTS/HOBBIES:

9 Job Interviews This is your opportunity to: Tell what you’ve learned from your accomplishments Convey interest in position Assess if position and company are a good fit

10 Job Interview Tips Dress appropriately Be prompt Show interest and maintain eye-contact Speak in a clear and concise voice Ask for clarification if a question is unclear Appear confident Send a Thank you note within a day or two

11 Exercise 3.4: Mock Interview In teams of 3-4, you will rehearse for a job interview, by playing each of the following roles. –Interviewee - Be interviewed for a potential job –Employer - Conduct the interview –Observer(s) - Observe the interview (could be one or two students), and conduct ‘de- briefing afterwards

12 Exercise 3.4: Career Portfolio Presentation 1.Title slide – student’s name, date, future career objective (Exercise 3.1). 2.Result of Career Interest and Style Color Code Assessment (Exercise 1.1). 3.Result of Career Interest RIASEC Code Assessment and list of potential career interests (Exercise 1.3)

13 Exercise 3.4: Career Portfolio Presentation 4.In-depth Research on Career Choice - three to four slides (Exercise 2.4). 5.Preparation and Training Required for Career Choice - Majors and Educational Institutions (Exercise 2.5) 6.Highlights of Functional Resume (Exercise 3.3) 7.Conclusion

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