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Co-ordinating non specialists

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1 Co-ordinating non specialists
Anthony Barlow > Year 5 teacher and Geography Subject Leader, St. Peter’s Smithills Dean CE Primary, Bolton. > Member, Geographical Association, Early Years and Primary Committee.

2 The context of geography in school.
Demonstrate practical ways to encourage excellent and enjoyable Geography. How to use interactive games/ exercises to promote Geographical Enquiry. Where to go for support in leading Geography more effectively in school.

3 In schools – is it a gloomy picture?
Inspectors say Geography is one of the worst-taught subjects in school Our geography teacher doesn't teach us about the current affairs we really need to know. Kelly, 13, London I think that it's not what you learn in geography, it's how you are taught that makes the difference between good or bad. Are you really going to look back and remember a passage from page 43 of the textbook in your test? Or will you remember that fun project, fieldtrip or experiment you did? Hannah, 13, Peterborough I like geography and the majority of students in my school have taken geography for a GCSE. Geography isn't boring and just about maps, we go on good field trips out of school and really enjoy it. Joe, 14, Ross-on-Wye Source:CBBC Newsround website

4 Getting them thinking - games and exercises
Where have you been? Where would you like to go? Can you give me a place beginning with B? Can you find me a hot place? Can you find me somewhere where there are few people living? Why Inflatable globe photo

5 Africa What do we know? What can we find out? A country A capital city
A river A mountain range Something we buy… Something we sell… What the weather’s like… A famous person

6 The UK What do we know? What can we find out? A country A capital city
A river A mountain range Something we buy… Something we sell… What the weather’s like… A famous person

7 Bolton What do we know? What can we find out? A country A capital city
A river A mountain range Something we buy… Something we sell… What the weather’s like… A famous person >> links

8 The power of images! It’s always best to get out there… but you can take them there! ‘9 square’ powerpoint available from GA website. ‘Britain or Not’ powerpoint available from GA website. ‘Where is it?’ sequence of powerpoint photos.

9 Photopacks- make your own
>Use the internet >Your own or others’ pictures >have an ‘old photo amnesty’- you’ll be surprised Photo of photos

10 Using the photopack/ individual photos ideas: Can you find me…
Using the photopack/ individual photos ideas: Can you find me…? Is there evidence of…? KS1: A hot, cold, dry, wet, mountainous, place. A rich, poor, noisy, dirty, exciting, dangerous place. A city, town, village etc. KS2: In a foreign country, an old place, new place, exciting place. What are the people like there? Why? Is life easy or hard? Why? A place where nature survives or an environmentally damaged place, where there are lots of manmade things. Introduce important Geographical vocabulary regularly (see National Curriculum) Near to or far from the equator, in the northern/ southern hemisphere. Can you place them in a line from the closest to us to furthest away. In temperate/ tropical climate.In Europe, North/South America, Oceania, Asia, at the poles. Where on the globe/map/atlas might this place be?

11 Jigsaw Large Iguazu waterfalls photo
Create jigsaws to complete from photos to get children looking closer.

12 Geographical enquiry- teaching closer looking using photos.
Show evidence of environmental damage in each square Label one man made item in each grid square Label one natural item in each grid square Photo: Reebox Stadium, Bolton.

13 Making your own ‘maps’ from photos– KS1
Series of aerial and oblique photos. Children can use a photo and then draw a map of what they saw. Create shoebox worlds and photo.

14 Maps at different scales- Using Multimap
Multimap images at different scales > You can make 10 copies for ‘personal use’. Laminate them and use them with the whole class.

15 Linking with others Flat Stanley for KS2 School Links

16 Flat Stanley Great for cross-curricular work
by Jeff Brown, Harper Trophy. Flat Stanley book image Great for cross-curricular work Low-key, low commitment school-linking.

17 Journey sticks - affective mapping
KS1: ‘Take a stick for a walk’, build up to simple mapping. KS2: Journey sticks for Flat Stanley. See Primary Geographer magazine, (Whittle, Spring 2006).

18 Encourage scrapbooks and journals
Photo of scrapbooks

19 You’re never on holiday!
The power of artefacts Tickets, photos, rocks, small souveniers, brochures. Useful for drama. Give an empty box to the staff to fill for a summer holiday present!

20 Collect/send for class sets of free tourist guides
Photo of guidebooks Useful for literacy, as mental starters or simply for the pictures.

21 What sorts of transport are there to get you there?
Are there any alternatives to car travel in the city? Are there any famous sports clubs there? Which? Is this a place you can go to visit Cut out a picture showing as many different types of land use as you can. Eg. coast, field, city, town. Can you find a place to stay? What leisure activities are there? Can you design a brochure appealing to a Year 3 child? Can you find as many of the locations on a map – make a key.

22 Subject leadership Join the GA – Primary Geographer magazine, discounts. Free ‘starting point’ support online for subject leaders, lots on using maps and atlases, photo galleries, forums and more. Primary Geography Quality Mark, an excellent self-evaluation tool – bronze, silver and gold awards. GA publications eg. Primary Handbook - a great starting point. QCA top-ups Super Schemes from the Action Plan for Geography. Excellent resources

23 Excellent Websites – The GA
- Staffordshire LEA - OS mapping for kids - Gold Award winning resource

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